East Tennessee Grotto

July 2014

If you missed the last ETG meeting it was a HOT one. The AC was out in the Civic Center, but we all survived. The presentation was Stuart Daw's "The Path to Gunpowder: How Caves Played a Key Role in One of the First U.S. Biochemical Industries".

Next Month's meeting will be held at Cherokee Caverns. They will show BBC's "Planet Earth:Caves". If you haven't seen this documentary it is wonderful!


Alexis Lienhart needs articles for the new Tennessee Caver that is coming out at the next TCS meeting. If interested please send her articles to lienhart.alexis@gmail.com. Kill two birds with one stone! Write the article and also send it to Matt Tomlinson for the ETG's Speleotype!!

Also, if anyone is interested in becoming more involved with the grotto there are some positions available. Let someone know at the next meeting and the officers will see what they can do.

PLEASE SEND IN SPELEOTYPE ARTICLES to Matt Tomlinson at matpix@gmail.com

****We need someone to take notes and send out the meeting minutes for the August meeting at Cherokee Caverns!! Abby will be out of town and unable to do it!!*****

Important Dates

Camp's Gulf ETG Trip led by Brian Taylor will be July 13th. Contact him if you are interested because there is limited spots available. hfcbnt@hotmail.com

NSS Convention will be July 14th- 18th at the new NSS Headquarters in Huntsville, AL.

Sewanee Mountain Grotto Post Convention Camp will be held at Caver's Paradise in Sewanee, TN from July 21st-25th. Contact Kelly Smallwood for more information at rowland7840@bellsouth.net

Cool Down in the Cave will be at Cherokee Caverns on August 23rd. Jim Whidby needs volunteers if your available! It will be from 10AM - 4PM

Sewanee Mountain Grotto's CaveFest will be August 29th - September 1st at Caver's Paradise

TCS Fall Meeting will be help September 27th from 9AM CENTRAL to 1PM at Tennessee Tech University