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Being a traveling Grotto, with members from all over the country, we decided that it would be a good idea to try and create a

Photo Gallery of members. Some of us have not met yet, but everyone has met at least one other Gypsy.

If you do not find your picture below, please send a photo of your choice to Kristen.


Al Collier Allen Wright Dave & Carol Belski Dantes Bob & Esty Bob Liebman & Kaymart Brett Cooke Dan Pompi TAG Earl & Lannis Hancock Hank Steve Fleming ET & Kathy Peerman Jay Reeves, Kristen & ET John Danyew Kevin Toepke Mad Hornet Kristen Kristian Underwood Maine Mike Bilbo Mike Huber Mike McKinney Mike Queen Randy Richard Cinddric Rick Corbell Doug Noel Terry De Fraties Bern Benke TAG Minnesota Kenny Stabinsky Big Bend Project Snowy River SW Regional 2009 Al & Chris Lewerer Blaze & Jean Cunningham Reed Elaine Cundiff Jen Foote Blaze Cunningham Bob Stucklin Diane Gillespie Dorothy Corchoran John Corchoran Lewis Land Roger Haley Sam Bono Dave Decker Wayne Walker Johanna Bill Steele Carl Pagano CL Kieffer Knutt Peterson Bruce Daily John McClean Kandy Olson Kathleen Randy Olson Ton Lipinski Tom Pollock John Moses Karla Wheeler Matt Zajac Jeannie Cunningham Eric McMasters Steve Webb Thanksgiving 10/2013 Peermans June Golaz Julie and Scott Perreault