White Nose Syndrome (WNS) Information
  First Information Stop - "A Coordinated Response"
A site sponsored by FWS and other state and educational organizations Visit
  Recent video (12/13) by the USDA Forest Service about WNS.
  Some good News, Some bats are Surviving. See this off the Associated Press and Wall Street Journal
  Researchers have Confirmed that the Fungus Geomyces Destructans is Responsible for White-Nose Syndrome (WNS). Further Tests Indicated That Bat to Bat Contact is Necessary to Transmit WNS Disease and that Infectous Spores are not Airborne Transmitted. BBC Article and Nature Article
  Huntsville Grotto Policy regarding WNS. Grotto has adopted U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decontamination protocol, see below

NSS's website regarding WNS. The NSS has completed an information flyer on WNS. This is meant to be distributed to the public. Please download and pass around to everyone you know.

SCCI Cave Visitation and WNS Concerns

US Fish and Wildlife Service publications:
  1. Is leading on government WNS Policy and Management. Visit USFWS Home Page
  2. USFWS DECONTAMINATION PROTOCOL, March 15 2012. Now allowing use of hot water only for Decon

USGS is a leading agency for WNS research Click here to visit USGS website

US Forest Service Notices:
  1. Forest Service closes caves in Southern Region.
  2. Forest Service closes caves in Eastern Region.
  3. Forest Service closes caves in Rocky Mountain Region.

Tennessee State Parks and Tennessee Forestry have closed all of their state owned caves in Tennessee!

Please Check Closed and Limited Access Caves of TAG by Dogwood City Grotto. Caves closed due to WNS concerns are noted

Scientific America news blog posting with video on WNS. Click here.

White Nose Syndrome in Bats - A Conservation Challenge Video
A one hour recording of a lecture and slide presentation about White-Nose syndrome in bats, by [NSS WNS liaison] Peter Youngbaer. Sponsored jointly by the USGS and the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the National Speleological Society