JRG Membership...

  • Membership in the James River Grotto is open to all persons interested in the science of speleology.  Membership does, however, require sponsorship from a current JRG Member in good standing.

    If you are interested in becoming a member, you will need to come to a grotto meeting and get to know us.  We, likewise, will get to know you.  Our only requirements are that you are committed to the principles of cave conservation, that you are a safe and responsible person when it comes to caving, and that you will uphold the goals of the Grotto and its conservation policies.

    Once you are sure that you want to join the JRG, let one of the officers know.  They'll get the required paperwork for you to fill out, or you can download the Membership Application and Caver Information Sheet and bring them with you to the next meeting.  You will be required to submit your dues, as specified below.

    Membership Classes:

    Full Member - Grotto member that is also a current member of the National Speleological Society.  Full Members have voting privileges and are qualified to run for grotto office.

    Associate Member - Grotto member that is not a member of the NSS.  Associate members may vote but are ineligible to run for or hold grotto office.

    Associate members will be routinely encouraged to join the NSS.  It is not required, but we do regard this as an important step in your growth as a responsible caver! NSS Information Brochure

     Membership Types:

    Individual - Self explanatory.  Dues are $12* annually.  What a deal!  Where else can you have this much fun for a dollar a month?

    Family - Limited to immediate family members, living at the same household.  Dues are $18* annually for the entire family!

    Educational - Non-voting membership privileges are to be extended to students who are active members of cave clubs or outdoor programs related to the academic institution.  Educational programs must submit a roster of student members each year. Dues are $50 annually for the entire group!

    *Membership dues for new members are prorated according to the month that you join.  Please make checks payable to James River Grotto.

    Any further questions you have about grotto membership may be directed to our Membership Chairperson.