Shasta Area Grotto

Devoted to the knowledge and understanding of caves

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Here is the schedule for the rest of 2017 and meeting dates for early 2018:

Aug 25 SAG meeting at Smith's in Chico. Caving in Chester area Saturday.
Sept 1-6 (Labor Day) Lava Beds weekend
Sept 1-6 (Labor Day) Marbles weekend CANCELED, mules can't get in.
Sept 20 Forest Service and Fish & Wildlife bat walk at Barnum cave. Contact Liz for information.
Sept 22 SAG meeting at Steve's in McCloud. Cave rescue preparation Saturday.
Oct 6-8 Western Regional, Lave Beds National Monument         
Oct 7-9 (Columbus Day) weekend Paul Gibson trip. Contact Joel.
Oct 14 Cave Rescue Practice with Siskiyou SAR.
Oct 27 SAG meeting at Broeckels' in Yreka.
Dec 8 SAG meeting at Wolffs' in McCloud. Cookie exchange.
Jan 26, 2018 SAG meeting TBA
Feb 23 SAG meeting TBA, cave cleanup Sat?
Mar 23 SAG meeting TBA