Rio Rancho, New Mexico

2015 Southwest Region Winter Tech

Who Put The Cave Graffiti Under the Ice?


Southwestern Region 2015 Winter Technical
Ice Gremlins

If you eat lunch over at the Santa Anna Star Center, or join us for dinner, be sure to go take a look at the ice on the far NW end of the arena area. This will be the venue of the 2017 NSS Convention for activities such as the Photo Salon and the Banquet


Saturday, December 12, 2015, in Rio Rancho, New Mexico


The SE entrance to the Santa Anna Star Center is on the left.

North of this location is the Rio Rancho Civic Center building, with all the glass.

Next, on the far right side of the left photo is the venue for the 2015 SWR Regional where the papers will be presented.

If you come over to the Santa Anna Star Center, look on the NW end of the ice and you will see the cave graffiti.

Stencils were assembled on the table. Look closely at the photo on the right and you will see the table and the caver in the red shirt.

We needed red, yellow and black paint.

We used the blue and other stuff to make some black.


The paper stencil was stuck down to the ice with a fingerprint spot of water.


The water-based paint froze as soon as we put it on with the paint brushes.

Yes, we got cold feet. At the end of the party the floor was down to 4o F

Water sprayed on top of the design blended the edges and brought out the color.

The circles were painted first using scribed lines, and the stencil was used for the black.

This is a B I G venue!

Large enough for an NSS Convention


Time Lapse Here


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