DStretch Processing Comparisons




This is a comparison of a selection of photos with five different DStretch processing techniques, using the JS Applet. The photo number and the original photo are shown in the first two columns. Since the primary historic colors we have noticed in Sandia Cave are yellow, red and black, we have chosen the LDS, YBK, YDS, YDT, and YBL plug-ins to take a closer look at these particular locations in the cave. Fortunately the first set of photos did not have overlying graffiti and we think there is reason to believe the faint markings are authentic.

Unfortunately, the other areas at the bottom of the chart were almost covered over by a modern graffiti vandal who probably had no idea they were destroying an interesting and very important historic artifact (the previously illustrated yellow hand print) from a previous "graffiti artist". It could have been an ancient cousin of a present day visitor! It appears that the modern day graffiti vandals have no respect for our ancestors.


Photo No.
Original Photo
LDS Processing (general, good to enhance yellow)
YBK Processing (Emphasizes blue or black)
YDS Processing (Yellow emphasis)
YDT Processing (Yellow & reds emphasis)
YBL Processing (Black emphasis)


Note: the images above are 180 pixels wide. If you want to try your hand at DStretch processing to improve these results, click on the original (at the left) to get a 1000 pixel wide image.


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