Sandia Cave Photo Page 2

June 22-25, 2015



June 22 Gate Fit Check and Forest Service Site Visit
Initial work on June 23 started with a thick layer of multi-color paint
Fluids and dental picks worked well on the thick paint

June 24, 2015

Adios "GOAT" graffiti

The temporary gate crew arrives to install the chain link
Attaching the chain link required drilling a few holes and attaching hardware on both sides of the chain link fencing. Small hands were essential
After the rock colored "camo" mixture was prepared, it was applied over the previously cleaned surface and allowed to dry.
Initial tasks in the "2nd room" ending at the short rock wall included identifying special areas such as fossils and historic markings
Blue tape was used to mark the special areas and numerous photographs were taken to correlate the locations. Locations of interesting geologic layers will be correlated with previously published data.

The left photo shows the left cave wall and part of the short wall.

The photo at right is a view looking over the short wall down into the 3rd room and beyond where most of the yellow ochre dust causes problems

Looking back towards the entrance from the short wall you can see the feet of the team working in the 1st room.

Look closely for the blue tape markers.



Portions of the walls are lightly rinsed with pure water after the initial work to remove the paint.

Typically a volunteer works a single small area at a time, paying attention to the rock color and texture


June 25, 2015

Work continued in the front room of Sandia Cave

Shown on the right are areas at the entrance.

The left wall apparently had multiple layers of graffiti, shown here on the left and in the photo below. To see how a photo process can help identify more information, Click on the photo below



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