Sandia Cave Photo Page 3

June 25, 2015


DStretch processed photo from North Wall, entrance room, between Station C1 & C2. After several hours of work on this section of the wall graffiti the general appearance of the wall was that it had purple hues in the recently cleaned area. Using a Pentax W-60 point & shoot camera with on-camera flash, a series of six photos were taken across the area of interest. The photos were imported into Adobe LightRoom 3 and slightly "improved" and then exported as jpeg files. Next, a program (DoubleTake 2.3.1, a Mac application) was used to stitch the six photos together and then cropped and exported as a jpeg (4753 x 1847 pixels) and brought back into LR3. Here, the single stitched jpeg was adjusted for color balance and again exported as a 12.2 MB jpeg.

The next step was to use the DStretch ImageJ Applet [], which is accessed by using a browser. Using the built-in Plugins several processing runs were made and the best examples of the DStretch processing were again exported for this web page. This web page was posted on the internet about 5 hours after the work was done in the cave so that the team could get a better idea of what may still lie under the graffiti just removed. It appears that there are still several layers under the graffiti. The photos below are DStretch results from the first (unprocessed photo), with the file names linking to the type or Plugin used in the Applet mentioned above.


Original, stitched Pano

Washed Wall on North side of entrance room

Washed wall_yds
Washed wall_lab
Washed wall_lxx
Washed wall_crgb
Washed wall_lds
Washed wall_lre_yrd
Washed wall_ybk
Washed wall_ybk_yye



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