Sandia Cave Photo Page 4

June 27, 2015



This Saturday was a "public media day" where an open invitation to the public was featuring "quick" tours of the cave, explanation of what the Project Team was doing, and the methods being used to remove the graffiti. At the parking lot several tables under a tent were displaying caving equipment, information on the Trails Group, and a fold-out display of a National Speleological Society (NSS) poster presentation. Members of the Sandia Grotto (local chapter of the NSS) were on hand to answer questions about the cave and Project.
Several Forest Service employees were on hand to talk about the cave. LED flashlights were given to some of the younger spelunkers, and the kid on the right may have been the youngest spelunker of the day.
Volunteer cavers with "loaner" hard hats and lights explained the caving equipment. Jason passed out free LED flashlights to the youngest spelunkers that visited the front part of the cave.

Many visitors were able to visit the first two rooms of the cave and saw tiny fossils and other interesting cave features pointed out by their guides.

Unfortunately the temporary gate had been violated the night before and required some repair work.

Caver volunteers repaired the temporary chain link closure at the end of the day and enjoyed a short rain shower with 1/4 inch hail on the way back down the trail.

A new lock and cable were installed after all the visitors left.


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