Sandia Cave Photo Page 5

July 1, 2015



The first room was completed today
Even the majority of the external graffiti on the cliff was removed. The remaining graffiti on the right side will be done at a later time when the chain link comes down.
A Dremel tool with a diamond bit was useful for reaching graffiti in the cracks

Various coloring agents were used to match the color of the cave walls. In this example charcol was ground up and carefully applied in the black areas


A brown mixture was used in other locations

The left wall is clean in this photo on the left. On the right photo we found a scratched signature which may be of historical interest

The following comparison photos show the "normal" photo on the left and processed on the right

4254 & LDS

4256 & LDS
4257 & YUV
4261 & AC_LDS
4263 & AC_LDS
4264 & AC_LAB

4267 & AC_LDS

4272 & AC_LDS

Mid day on July 1, 2015, someone in a BIG truck pushed over one of the parking lot barriers






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