southport chronic cavers grotto
"Sure, we may be one of the smaller grottos. But you know what? We are one of the healthiest and happiest grottos around!!" - Lynn Roebuck

Who are the Southport Chronic Cavers?

In 1995 Southport Chronic Cavers Grotto was formed in Columbia, Tennessee. The seven National Speleological Society members who founded the grotto were Buddy Baldwin, Mark Dunnavant, Rob Robbins, Pat Robbins, John Hunter, Greg Barrett and Steve Barrett.

Southport Chronic Cavers Grotto was named after the historic Southport Saltpetre Cave which is still owned by Buddy Baldwin and Mark Dunnavant. For several years after the SCCG formation many grotto meetings were held on the cave property.

2013 Southport Officers are:


Other members can be found on our people page.

Currently, grotto meetings are held as needed at various locations in Maury County, or on cave trips. Dates and times are announced on an internal grotto email list or our Facebook page. We hold both executive and general meetings, usually in alternating months. All members are encouraged to attend executive meetings, but only executive committee members are required to attend those, as this is when we handle the grotto's business. At general meetings we discuss caving, cave trips, any grotto business that requires the full membership's input, and enjoy the company of the other members. We usually have an activity planned for general meetings, for example a cave trip, ridgewalking, kayaking. Non-grotto members are welcome at general meetings, and we'd love to have you! Contact a grotto officer (see above list) for information on the next general meeting if you are interested in attending.

Official Grotto Documents

Constitution and Bylaws