southport chronic cavers grotto
"Those that don't attend ['PorterFest] will likely suffer from Bogus Activities Disrupting TAG Caving Blowouts (B.A.D.T.C.B.) that can lead to a boring time and waste of a great weekend." - Dr. Beaner

SCCG Activities

Various projects that Southport members are leading or participating in:

"P" Cave Survey (complete?)

"Y" Cave Survey

Hubbards Saltpetre Cave survey

Harrison Saltpetre Cave clean-ups

Last 5 Trip Reports
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2009-04-04Johnson's Cavemore...
2009-03-08Connor Creek Cavemore...
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2009-03-07Cherokee Cavernsmore...
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2009-02-15Unnamed Cave 62more...
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Members of the Southport Chronic Cavers Grotto believe:
  • Caves have unique scientific, recreational, and scenic values
  • These values are endangered by both carelessness and intentional vandalism
  • These values, once gone, cannot be recovered
The responsibility for protecting caves must be formed by those who study and enjoy them. Most Southporters take this responsibility seriously. Read more about our philosophy in word and deed here.
Other Caving News

The 2010 NSS Convention will be held in Essex Junction, VT on the 2nd - 6th of August.

The SCCi Adopts Revised Cave Visitation Policy for WNS Concerns. (read more)