southport chronic cavers grotto
"Those that don't attend ['PorterFest] will likely suffer from Bogus Activities Disrupting TAG Caving Blowouts (B.A.D.T.C.B.) that can lead to a boring time and waste of a great weekend." - Dr. Beaner

Southport's 10th Anniversary Bash - Sept. 9-11, 2005
(aka 'PorterFest 2005)

About 40 people enjoyed good friends (both new and old), good food, good drink, good times and, of course, great caving at our 10th Anniversary Bash. This may turn into a yearly event, dubbed 'PorterFest. Various groups explored Southport Saltpetre Cave throughout the day, and other excursions were made to Car Door, Maple Tree and Hubbards Post Office Caves in Maury County, and several brave souls pushed virgin passage in Helms Deep in Perry County.

Some who were seen at the bash were: Buddy Baldwin, Steve Barrett, Doug Deboer, Carl Bishop, Jim Clark, Debby Clark, Tanya Clutts, Grace Clutts, Sheldon Clutts, Doug Debour, Mark Dunnavant, Mark Murrell, Karen Burnett, Avis Moni, Gerald Moni, Bruce Morgan (Sleazeweasel), Scott Morgan, Robert Sewell, Paul Snook, Jonathan Snook, Frank Maynard, Ben Maynard, Michele Oglesby, Don Picard, Erin Picard, Gary Pitts, Jordan Smith, Greg Vansickle, Ed Shackelford, Michael Shackelford, Lynn Roebuck, Brian Roebuck, Punk Roebuck, Katie-Beth Spence, Stacy Greer, Joe Greer, Cody (?).

Thanks to Buddy Baldwin, Mark Dunnavant and their helpers who made it all happen. Thanks also to all the non-'Porter visitors who came; you all made it a great weekend!