southport chronic cavers grotto
"The beauty of the underground is unlike anything you will ever find on the surface. I like the silence, the darkness, the landscape, the pretties, and the critters that live within. It is one of the true adventures that this old fellow can enjoy." - Gary Pitts

Indian Grave Point Cave - August 20, 2005

This is a popular, well-known cave, with a very nice, accomodating landowner.

Several people led this trip: Bull Snook, Carl Bishop and Robert Sewell. At our mercy, and often to their misfortune, were Michelle Ogelsby, Ed Shackelford, Mark Murrell, Casey Bishop, Katie-Beth Spence, Stacey Greer, Jimmy Stitt.

Bull, Michelle, Mark, Katie-Beth and Jimmy made the climb up (KB even climbed upside down!) to the Great Lake Extension, where they found the water-level pretty low. After the climb down, Bull and Michelle joined the rest of us at the Cascade Domes, while Mark, Katie-Beth and Jimmy took the long way through the Needle's Eye. After a break, we visited the Garden of Eden, where there was much oohs and aahs and great splashing.

Next we headed for Black Gypsum Pass which is easily missed. And indeed, we easily missed it. Back-tracking, we found the turn-off and went as far as we could, stopped in the end by the climb-down to Blood and Guts. Mark pointed out that someone had destroyed many of the mud sculptures. Returning to the Cascades, Carl performed the grande finale to our fun, 5 1/2 hour trip by dropping the 120' dome pit.

All in-cave pictures - the ones of poor quality - are copyright 2005 by Robert Sewell, taken with a cheap 2MB digital camera made by Medion. The first four outdoor pictures were taken with Katie-Beth's much better camera.