southport chronic cavers grotto
"The beauty of the underground is unlike anything you will ever find on the surface. I like the silence, the darkness, the landscape, the pretties, and the critters that live within. It is one of the true adventures that this old fellow can enjoy." - Gary Pitts

Join us

Membership is open to anyone who shares the same interest and concern for caves as the grotto and our parent organization, the National Speleological Society. Advantages of membership include our periodic newsletter, access to grotto equipment and library, participation in our email discussion group, fellowship with some nice (and good-looking!) people, and good fun.

Dues, which are collected in January and cover your membership for a year, are $10 for a single membership, or $15 for a family. Just print an application and bring it and your dues to the next meeting, or mail it and a check for your dues to Robert Sewell, grotto treasurer. Email him at for his snail-mail address.

And hey, who wouldn't be proud to be a 'Porter, and wear this T-shirt?   Not a real SCCG T-shirt (yet)