southport chronic cavers grotto
"Every year gets better as I see it with the grotto, 10 years old, still growing, many important projects accomplished, caves owned and managed, awards won, caves mapped, and much more. The whole key is our members, some of the best cavers I know!" - Buddy Baldwin

"P" Cave Survey - June 25, 2005

The survey on this cave is far from complete. We've surveyed close to a mile so far, and have quite a bit to go. Heavily decorated in places, "P" Cave (not it's TCS name) has something for everyone: large, walking borehole passages, tight nerd-filtering crawls, pits, large dome pits, a bit of pre-historical finds. It has three known levels, the lower of which contains the entrance and is the most active with a steady but shallow stream flowing through it.

Bull_(Small).jpg Michelle_(Small).jpg Frank_n_Ben_(Small).jpg
Pose_2.jpg Throne_Room_Exit-(Small).jpg Above_A_Canyon(Small).jpg