southport chronic cavers grotto
"Those that don't attend ['PorterFest] will likely suffer from Bogus Activities Disrupting TAG Caving Blowouts (B.A.D.T.C.B.) that can lead to a boring time and waste of a great weekend." - Dr. Beaner

"P" Cave Survey - June 25, 2005

The survey on this cave is far from complete. We've surveyed close to a mile so far, and have quite a bit to go. Heavily decorated in places, "P" Cave (not it's TCS name) has something for everyone: large, walking borehole passages, tight nerd-filtering crawls, pits, large dome pits, a bit of pre-historical finds. It has three known levels, the lower of which contains the entrance and is the most active with a steady but shallow stream flowing through it.

Bull_(Small).jpg Michelle_(Small).jpg Frank_n_Ben_(Small).jpg
Pose_2.jpg Throne_Room_Exit-(Small).jpg Above_A_Canyon(Small).jpg