southport chronic cavers grotto
"The beauty of the underground is unlike anything you will ever find on the surface. I like the silence, the darkness, the landscape, the pretties, and the critters that live within. It is one of the true adventures that this old fellow can enjoy." - Gary Pitts

"Y" Cave Survey - April 23, 2005

This cave has several entrances in a bluff overlooking the Buffalo River. The main entrance is pictured below, while two other "skylight" entrances are hidden above and to the west (right, in this picture).

Julie Shenk Brown, Sheldon Clutts, Robert Sewell and Ed Shackelford surveyed over 600 feet on this first trip. We had a blast.

Entrance Sheldon wiggles out of a side passage crawl Doesn't Ed look happy to get out of this crawl?
The Clutts family enjoy a timeout Julie and Ed take a break Julie works her way into another low crawl.