The following list of western grottos is dynamically generated directly from the NSS database.  Only grottos with web sites are listed.  If you see errors or omissions in this list, contact the NSS to have it corrected.
Arizona Grottos
Central Arizona Grotto
Escabrosa Grotto
Northern Arizona Grotto
Southern Arizona
California Grottos
Desert Dog Troglodytes
Diablo Grotto
Mother Lode Grotto
San Diego Grotto
San Francisco Bay Chapter of NSS
San Joaquin Valley Grotto
Shasta Area Grotto
Southern California Grotto
Stanislaus Speleo. Assn.
Colorado Grottos
Colorado Grotto
Colorado Western Slope Grotto
Front Range Grotto
Northern Colorado Grotto
Red Canyon Grotto
Southern Colorado Mountain
Timberline Grotto
Idaho Grottos
Gem State Grotto
Silver Sage Grotto
Montana Grottos
Northern Rocky Mountain Grotto
Nevada Grottos
Northern Nevada Grotto
New Mexico Grottos
New Mexico Tech Student Grotto
Pajarito Grotto
Pecos Valley Grotto
Sandia Grotto
Oregon Grottos
Oregon Grotto
Oregon High Desert Grotto
Willamette Valley Grotto
Utah Grottos
Salt Lake Grotto
Timpanogos Grotto
Utah Grotto
Wasatch Grotto
Washington Grottos
Cascade Grotto