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(Reuben Titus exhibits want can happen to your rope
if rappellers are not careful.)

We strive to educate cavers on the proper basic techniques as well as the proper treatment of caves and it's natural surroundings. We have to keep in mind that future generations depend on us for the use of these caves, and if we don't take care of them who will. Always remember to never break off formations, ask permission from a landowner before entering a cave, tell someone when and where you are going. The most important thing is to always have the proper cave gear at all times. These rules could save your life as well as the others around you. Conservation of caves is our main priority and the safety of others. We frequently have grotto cave trips, cleanups, and maintenance of cave registers, as well as finding new caves. Caving can be fun as long as you respect it for what it's for, but if you don't take things seriously while caving it can seriously injure or kill you.

The Spencer Mountain Grotto was formed by a group of local NSS members in the area. It was formed in 1995 by 3 cavers who ran across each other outside a local cave. They decided that this area needed a place for cavers in the surrounding counties to have a place to meet and find out about the underground world. This was also hopes to get the area cavers involved in a grotto and help promote the conservation and preservation of caves. Most of the grotto members are NSS members, and come from all walks of lives. Our grotto is located in Van Buren County, TN. This is one of the cave rich areas in the country. There are thousands of cave entrances located in Middle TN. located within an hour's ride of Spencer. This area is visited by cavers across the US because of its abundant source of caves.

The grotto's newsletter, Mud & Rope, along with its forums, serves as an open forum for members to voice their ideas, concerns, and trip reports, to serve as a record of SMG activities. Members are encouraged to contribute trip reports, articles, artwork, and photos to the Mud & Rope. The Mud & Rope is published quarterly.



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