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In memory of
Daniel Scott (Danny) Stubblefield

April 28, 1969 - January 16, 2008

Recently, Spencer Mountain Grotto lost one of its most enthusiastic members.
Daniel Scott Stubblefield died unexpectedly on January 16th, 2008, as a result of complications from
a diabetic condition. Danny was only 38 years old. His mother, two brothers and sister had not been
aware that his health was in any serious jeopardy, until he went into a coma the night of his death.
This diabetic condition was not widely known, and Danny chose not to share the fact with others.
Most of us who knew him, remember his keen enthusiasm for gatherings and his excitement about
being able to go caving in Cumberland Caverns. In his younger days, Danny was employed at The
Caverns, and spent many happy hours with groups of cave guides exploring after work. He found a
home up on the mountain, and loved being a part of the day to day activities of running the cave.
Conversely, the guys at the cave, knowing his exuberance, kept an eye on him – he was a member of
the “cave family”.

What many of the Grotto members did not know about Danny was that he was a well-known Long-
distance and Marathon runner. He began running around the neighborhoods close to home, found he
liked it and that he was good at it. He entered local holiday events and after winning a few, he entered
events further afield – and won them too! He joined running organizations and learned from their
members about techniques, methods and other events, etc., but he never had any formal training.
The newspaper articles about him were frequent and he was quite a local celebrity. After his death
his mother said that his room was full of ribbons, medals, trophies and newspaper articles of his
running exploits. A medical examination resulted in his being warned to curtail his running due to a
Heart condition, and as he ran less he began to gain weight, so ran even less. He often told me how
much he missed his running – walking was never as much fun.

He was always ready to be involved in the many activities of the organizations he belonged to, and
was eagerly planning each upcoming event in his mind. Any future events that the Grotto will have at
the Cave will be incomplete without Danny. I find myself missing him at the meetings – he could be relied
upon to report on matters at theCave, and urge us on to have social events. He found time to talk with each
of the members, often surprising us by remembering things that had happened long ago, or contributing local
unknown too many of us.

Danny will be missed by many who loved him, and those who knew him well. Those who only
knew him a little, or who never met him, missed an acquaintance with a man who loved life,
and who would have helped you appreciate life’s simple pleasures.
Webmaster note**This was written by long time friend and grotto member Chris Walter.






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