Minutes for the February 2, 2015 Combined Utah Grottos Meeting

Minutes for the February 2, 2015 Combined Utah Grottos Meeting

The meeting was held at the Petzl America Headquarter, 2929 Decker Lake Drive, West Valley City, UT 84119.    About 27 cavers were in attendance.

The Wasatch Grotto Chairman, Larry Spangler, open the meeting at 7:00pm, a tour of the facilities was conducted by Petzl staff members, Rick Vance and Heath Christensen.

After the tour, a general meeting was held, items of discussion included recent and upcoming trips.   A vote on a motion to change the Salt Lake Grottos By-Laws was conducted by Rodney Mulder, SL Grotto Chairman; the motion to change the By-Laws was passed unanimously, by member of the SL Grotto.

The following trips were announced:
February 7 — Lint Camp Great Basin NP
Feb 21 — Blow Hole Cave – Timp Grotto
Mar 3-4 — Lint Camp Great Basin NP
Mar 9 – Wasatch Grotto Meeting
Mar 28 – Antelope Cave Timp Grotto
May 2 Sink Hole de Mayo — Pink Lime Pit  SLC Grotto
May 4 All Grottos Meeting- Timp Grotto Host
July 13-17 NSS Convention Waynesville, MO
Aug 3 All Grottos Meeting – Salt Lake Grotto Host
Nov 2  All Grottos Meeting – Timp Grotto Host

Dave Herron indicated that there were numerous opportunities  for caving in the Ashley Nation Forest.

At the conclusion of the business meeting, Rich Vance (Petzl Representative) gave a presentation on various rope types and rope construction.

The meeting was followed by strength tests of rope and webbing using the Petzl Tension machine.  The massive climbing wall was opened to those in attendance.

Refreshments and treats were provided by Wasatch Grotto (thanks to Jim Bulkeley, Cindy Spangler and Val Stratford)

A Special thanks to Rick Vance and Heath Christensen, for being such gracious hosts.

Jim Bulkeley
Wasatch Grotto Secretary