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Oil in old caves – new challenges

Uni Research CIPR is one of small number of Norwegian research institutions who have worked on this type of reservoirs for a long time through field studies in Texas, Wyoming and Billefjorden on Svalbard. Image shows collapsed cave close to the mountain formation Fortet, Billefjorden. (Photo: Jan Tveranger)

Caves and oil. An interesting mix. Uni Research reports on the latest finding of oil deposits in Karst formations in Norway.

In 2013 and 2014 Lundin Petroleum discovered significant amounts of oil and gas in the prospects Gohta and Alta on Loppa high, north of the Snøhvit field.

The reservoir type encountered represent something new on the Norwegian shelf: carbonate and gypsum formations with evidence of pervasive dissolution and cave formation (commonly known as “karst”) followed by infilling and collapse during subsequent burial.

Similar reservoirs are known from the Middle East, China and the US.

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