NSS Fund Descriptions

Unrestricted (money for use in the current FY)
New NSS Headquarters
(help pay off the mortgage!)
WNS Rapid Response Fund (provides grants to research ways to mitigate this bat disease)
Endowment Fund (long term investment for the needs of the Society)
Save-the-Caves Fund (supports cave conservation)
Cave Education Fund (promotes programs for primary and secondary students)
Nature Preserves Fund (supports NSS nature preserves)
Cave Acquisition Fund (acquire NSS caves; grants to cave conservancies)
International Exploration Fund (supports expeditions outside the US)
Sara Corrie Memorial Fund (provides income for US cave exploration)
Ralph W. Stone Research Fund (provides research grants)
Lew Bicking Fund (endows this award for exploration)
Peter M. Hauer Fund (endows this award for spelean history research)
James G. Mitchell Fund (endows this award for a paper by an author under 21)
Cave Rescue Training Fund (provides scholarships for NCRC training)
NSS Library Fund (acquisition of publications)
Junior Speleological Society (supports youth activities at NSS Convention)

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