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   National Speleological Society   Interview
Orion Knox Jr., NSS 4603RL, of Austin, Texas
is interviewed inside Bustamante Cave in Nuevo
Leon, Mexico by a reporter from a Monterrey,
Mexico television station during a Labor Day
restoration project. Jay Jorden photo.

   NSS Public Relations Committee

  • Jay Jorden, chairman

  • Committee members: Matt Bowers, David McClurg, Jack Hissong, and Sandra Hissong

  • Phone: 256-852-1300

  • Fax: 256-851-9241

The PR Committee serves as the Society's liaison for the news media. Committee members help coordinate coverage of caving, including breaking news and features, with print and electronic media representatives. The committee serves as a resource for journalists seeking story ideas, graphics and other information. Contacts in speleology and cave sciences, exploration, conservation and other NSS endeavors are available through the committee.

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