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site last updated 08 August 2015

The Quintana Roo Speleological Survey (QRSS) supports safe exploration, survey and cartography of the underwater caves and cenotes of Quintana Underwater Cave MapRoo, Mexico. Created in 1990, the QRSS maintains an extensive archive of cave survey data for over 332 underwater caves and cave systems. Our survey database includes confirmed data and reports on 1285.6 kilometers (798.8 miles) of underwater cave passage. We also report confirmed data for many dry caves, some of these being connected to underwater caves through diverse sumps. We can report a current total of 202.4 kilometers of survey for dry cave passage. Other reports we archive include water chemistry, biological, archaeological, and environmental observations. Our information is a current summary of painstaking research by numerous explorers, cartographers and scientists who are concerned with the conservation and scientific documentation of this region's anchialine caves and cenotes. This effort may be considered to be one of the largest archives of underwater cave survey data in the world.

Our companion pursuit is to encourage cartographic representations of these caves. Only 25 complete underwater caves or cave systems in Quintana Roo are illustrated through various types of cartographic media. Of these cave maps, most are outdated in view of recent explorations! We hope to stimulate cartographic endeavors to further an understanding and appreciation of all the underwater caves of Quintana Roo. We welcome all individuals who are interested in participating in QRSS mapping and science projects. Certified cave divers visiting the region may obtain an information package on underwater survey and cartography opportunities in Quintana Roo. This information package, as well as more information on QRSS projects, will be available at this site in the future.

Sustaining a current survey data base on the underwater caves in this region hinges on the generosity of our contributors. The QRSS archives this information for significant reasons. We do not reveal cave locations or where "going leads" might be found. Should you be involved in credible speleological research in Quintana Roo, and conclude that our resources might be of assistance to your investigations, please contact us.

Our primary goal is to encourage conservation and awareness of the underwater caves and cenotes of Quintana Roo through collaboration and knowledge. Should you have further questions concerning caves, or require information on the serious nature of cave diving, please go here.

Updates and corrections are welcome: chac<at>consolidated.net 

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