The NSS Bulletin - ISSN 1090-6924
Volume 39 Number 1: 13-15 - January 1977

A publication of the National Speleological Society

Alternatives to the Letter Writing Approach in Conservation
Gene Hargrove


The traditional, letter-writing, approach to the solution of conservation problems is often ineffective, because it reveals the conservationits' weaknesses and generates hostilities without producing the desired results. An alternative approach, useful in attacking land-use problems at lower governmental levels, is action by a Conservation Task Force (CTF) to obtain official cooperation. Such action involves support from the NSS Board of Governors, a carefully prepared CFT report, an efficient organizational structure, the use of outside advisors, and careful, secret (behind-the-scenes) preparation, including the development of a favorable press and close contact with public officials. It is less likely to create adversary relationships and leaves the power base ambiguous, resulting in greater effectiveness.

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