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Mid-Appalachian Region of
the National Speleological Society

Constitution (Draft Revisions 2005)

Article I - Name and Area: The name of this region shall be the Mid-Appalachian Region (MAR) of the National Speleological Society (NSS).

Add: It shall comprise the area as provided for in the bylaws of the MAR.

Article II - Subordination: The Constitution and Bylaws of the NSS shall be binding on this region.

Article III - Purpose: The purpose of this region shall be to promote fellowship among its members and to advance the science of speleology.

Substitute: The purpose shall be to promote interest in and advance in any and all ways the study and science of speleology and the protection of caves and their natural contents, to promote fellowship among those interested therein, particularly within the region represented by the MAR, and to promote the goals of the National Speleological Society.

Article IV - Membership: This region shall be comprised of National Speleological Society Grottos and members located or residing within the bounds of the Region.

Substitute: Membership in the MAR shall be comprised of NSS chapters (grottos) located within the region that decide to become members. Individuals residing within the region may become members by registering as a participant at an MAR field meet.

Article V - Regional Council: The governing body of the Region shall be a Regional Council. The Regional Council shall consist of the officers of the Region, representatives from each member Grotto, and regional members not affiliated with any Grotto. No council member may exercise more than one vote at council meetings.

Substitute: Each member Grotto is entitled to two votes. Grottos may be represented by proxy.

Article VI - Organization:

A. Executive Committee: The current officers shall act as a nominating committee to select a slate of candidates for Regional Officers, consisting of at least three members of the NSS chosen from within the MAR to serve for a term running from one January 1st to the next.

The slate of candidates, with secret ballot, shall be given to all members present at the Fall Meet of the MAR. The ballots shall be counted on the same day.

Add: The three candidates who receive the most votes shall become the new officers-elect.

If an election is not held at the Fall MAR Meet, the slate of candidates shall be distributed to the Regional Council by mail-in election.

B. Officers: The newly elected officers shall determine among themselves who shall fill the positions of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary.

Add: They shall appoint a Treasurer who must be an NSS member within the region. The Treasurer shall serve until replaced by the Regional Council.

Article VII - Amendments: Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by a two-thirds vote of the Regional Council. A proposed amendment shall become effective upon its ratification by a majority of the Regional Council provided this ratification occurs within one year of its proposal.

Mid-Appalachian Region of
the National Speleological Society

Bylaws (Draft Revisions 2005)

Article I - Regional Council Meeting

A. Meeting notification: The time and place of the Regional Council meetings may be designated by either the chairman or the council. Notice of every Council meeting must be mailed to all Regional Officers and Grottos at least two weeks before the meeting.

Substitute "delivered" for "mailed".

B. Quorum: Twenty percent of the eligible voters in the Regional Council shall constitute a quorum.

C. Conduct of Meeting: Roberts Rules of Order, revised edition, shall be the parliamentary authority for all Regional Council meetings.

Article II - Officers

A. Chairman: The Chairman shall direct the affairs of the Region but shall be subordinate to the Council. The Chairman shall preside at Council meetings.

B. Vice-Chairman: The Vice-Chairman shall perform duties as assigned by the Chairman and the Regional Council. The Vice-Chairman shall assume the authority and duties of the Chairman in case of the Chairman's resignation or inability to serve. The Vice-Chairman shall assume that portion of the Chairman's visitation and representation duties that the Chairman deems necessary.

C. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Council meetings, be custodian of the records, and conduct correspondence as directed by the Chairman.

Add: D. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall hold and manage the Region's funds. The Treasurer shall maintain a detailed record of all MAR income and expenditures, shall make a financial report at each MAR business meeting, and shall discharge MAR funds only as directed by the Regional Council.

Article III - Standing Committees

The Regional Chairman shall make all appointments to the standing committees.

A. Region Cave File: The Region Cave File Committee shall collect data on caves within the Region.

B. Program: The Program Committee shall plan and conduct the Spring and Fall Meets subject to the approval of the Regional Chairman.

C. Publication: The Publication Committee shall publish the Mid-Appalachian Bulletins.

Article IV - Regional Territory:

The Regional territory shall include southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

Article V - Meetings

A. Annual Meeting: There shall be an annual Regional Business Meeting at a time and place designated by the Regional Officers.

B. Field Meets: There shall be a Spring and Fall Regional Field Meet at a time and place designated by the Regional Officers.

Article VI - Amendments: These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Regional Council.

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