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Spring 2003 NRO Board Meeting

Where: Inside Progress Lands Building (the big barn)
Date: Sunday, May xx, 2003
Time: 10 AM
NRO Old Business:
1. Introduction of Spring 2003 NRO Event Organizers
Congratulations went out to Vermont Cavers Association for hosting the Spring 2003 NRO.

2. Chairman's Report & Vice-Chair's Report
3. Treasurer's Report
Officer was absent, but it was reported the NRO had approximately $XXXX.

NRO New Business:
1. Nomination and election of new NSS officers
New officers were elected. Chairman, Ken Nichols from Met Grotto; Vice-chair, Tonya Smothers from Met Grotto; and Secretary-Treasurer, Mike Nardacci was re-elected.

2. The Nro donated $1000 to the NCC for the purchase of Clarksville Cave
3. Fall NRO (Vermont Cavers report)
Representatives from Vermont Caver's Association announced the site had been picked and preparations are underway.

6. Spring 2004 NRO
Site proposals were requested as alternates from Cobleskill.

Other Business:
1. 2003 NSS Convention
xxxx is the site. Check the website (linked off for up-to-date information.

2. NCC Update

3. Open.