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The Northeastern Caver 5 year Cumulative Index, 1999-2004

The codes used in the cave index are as follows:

a accident, rescue
g geology/hydrology
o owners, access, gating
b biology
h history
p photograph
c conservation
i illustration
r rumor or report
d description
m map
x location

BACK ISSUES OF The Northeastern Caver

The following back issues are available at Speleobooks. Individual

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The 1968 New York Caver.

Bound with the 1969 and 1970/71 Northeastern

Caver, Chuck Porter editor, Christina Laney co-editor of the 1968 NY

Caver. 313 pages, with indexes. Includes caves in and north of Thacher

Park, marble caves of Vermont, Warren County caves, marble caves of NW

Adirondacks, the Hudson marble canyon, Lost Pond caves, Caves of

Rensselaer County, NY, wild sections of Howe Caverns, Hotwater Pond

system, Barry Allen’s Schoharie Cave dive, McFails fatality. Plus:

history, geology, cartoons, news, NRO meets, rescues, rumors, leads,

reconnaissance, histoplasmosis, air flow, lamps, ascenders, gear, rock

climbing, etc. and many other caves including: Aeolus, Barber, Baxters

(W Va), Big Loop, Canandaigua, Chicken Out, Church, Colebrook, Cro’

Nest, Dirtbag, End of Gulch, Glen Park, Howe, Hunter, Knox, Maelstrom,

Morris, Onesquethaw, Plymouth, Pompeys, Purgatory, Red Mtn, Roadside,

Schoharie, South Bethlehem, Talcott Mtn, Tallow, Trash Hole,

Two-Second, Weybridge, Williams, Wolferts.

1972, 1973, 1974 Northeastern Caver.

Bill Gregg, editor. 400 pages,

with index, in binder. Includes: southern Adirondack caves, Stony

Brook section of Skull, Skull map set and names, Camp Allen caves,

Quarry Hill caves, Paradise Lost karst, Glen Park caves, Shawangunk

caves, Balls Cave history, early Knox Cave maps, groundwater in karst,

bats in NY, rabies in NY bats. Plus: reconnaissance, news, rumors,

leads, cartoons, reviews, moss growth in caves, plastic Justrite lamp

review, NRO meets, cave diving, stereo photo tips, wetsuits,

speleogenesis simulation, rescues, lamps, gear, Skull flood hazard,

granite caves of New England, Potsdam sandstone fault caves, caves of

SW Vermont, Indiana caves, tectonospeleology, Rhode Island survey,

etc. and many other caves including: Coxsackie, Chimney Mtn, Dixville

Notch, Dorset Peak area, Garden of Eden, General Davis (W Va), Eagle,

Eldons, Howe, Jeff Canyon, Keyhole, Knox, McFails SE Passage,

Mitchells, Plymouth Water, Reservoir, Richville, Sagers Surprise,

Spider, Veenfliets, W Mtn.

1975, 1976, 1977 Northeastern Caver.

Doug Hauser and Thom Engel,

editors. 456 pages, with indexes, in binder. Includes: AT Shorey

interview, Purgatory Pit, Y Cave vandalism, cave PAC, helmet lamps,

Verplanck Colvin’s 1869 “The Helderbergs,” rumors, Speleo-Shop parody,

Skull Cave exploration, NRO meets, NH timberline caves, Knox Cave

fatality, Genesee Valley canal tunnel, Ken Henderson cartoons, Lake

Room passage, Old Skull and Negley’s football room, 1878 NJ caving,

flashlight conversion, Persistence Pit, NE metamorphic caves, cave

rescue training, Mass. cave near Salisbury, Great Bat, spelean

history, optical tapemeasure, Greene Co. progress, caving by car,

glacieres in Vt, Mass, NJ, Conn, Adk high peaks and Owego-Watertown,

Pete Williams, Clarksville speleography, Pinch Passage, Adk

pseudo-karst, Doug Kirby cartoons, Ultimate Experience, cave diving in

Paradise Lost, New Jersey caverns, lost cave in Cobleskill, spectre of

Madonna Cave, Claudius Smith caves, emergency medical techniques, NY

Post to Clarksville Cave, Letchworth Park cave bats, Mystery Cave

access, 1862 NH account, cavers’ Xmas, western NY, Easter Pit, area

spelunkers, Indian Ledge cave area, Mt Marcy Cavern, 1976 index,

liability, jargon, Mt Washington caves, spelunking on Titan, Schoharie

Co. dye tests, NRO constitution, Bud Guano, Howe, garbage bags,

McFails access, NE NSS convention?, Yugoslav, Scaling of Nethaways

Dome, Saratoga BOG, Dri-suit, Onesquethaw map, and many other caves,

including Airport, Bearsden, Burroughs, Caboose, Chert Nodule, Diddly,

Dry Gulch, Eighmyville, Fuds Folly, Hannacroix Maze, Highlander Ridge

Pit (WVa), Hunter, Kunjamuk, MBDATHS, Moon, Natural Bridge, Overhead,

Pawprint, Phantom Canyon, Roadside, Single-X, Thrall Hill and TSOD,


1978, 1979, 1980 Northeastern Caver.

Doug Hauser, Thom Engel, Jim

Cullen, Toms Smith, Peter Quick, Warren & Connie Hall, editors. 306

pages, in binder. Includes sump diving, fracture & boulder cave terms,

Caving Colombo, Red Mtn Pit, New England-Adk talus finds, Ken

Henderson and Doug Kirby cartoons, 1979 NSS Convention plans, rumors,

Niagara Gorge caves, Garden of Eden, milers in NE, Bud Guano

etiquette, Murphy’s Laws, Glawackus, NRO meets, Pete Williams,

Carlsbad, Bud Guano series, trivia quiz, black hole, cave maps

inaccurate, Maine talus, exploring Schoharie caves with Bright Star

flashlights, PSC newspaper story, Florida sinkholes, sewering in

Cleveland, puzzle, underwater light, Franconia Notch talus, Lincoln

Memorial, Natural Bridge (Mass), Grizzle Ocean, NY and Mass glacieres,

Cumberland Caverns ghost, Bell Witch, Glen Park caves as environmental

indicators, Vermont pseudokarst (Maidstone, Widened Fault, Chiller),

Hilton wedge shelter, McFails NW Dome climb, Mexico trips, meeting

announcements, quality index, cave statistics, Knox review, litter and

graffiti, March ‘80 flood, NY cave legislation, rope, Ky cave, New

England talus, OTR, new Jumars, NEC lives, NRO Glawackus Hunt,

spelunking in NJ, Brewster (NY) mineshaft candles,Schoharie caves,

rabies victim, Twin Lakes map, Canadi-an Hole (W Va), and many other

caves, including Barytes, Carlisle Ice, Chiller, Crumple, Deer Leap,

Gorkens, Knox, Kunjamuk, Manitou Abode, Mitchells, Salisbury, Split

Rock, Sunderland Ice, Westfall Spring, and Lyman.

1981, 1982, 1983 Northeastern Caver.

Toms Smith, editor. 347 pages, in

binder. Includes Charles Gibbs interview, Northeast Cave Rescue

Organization, Dec 1980 Clarksville rescue, Sept and Oct‘81 McFails

accidents, Crooked Swamp (NJ) Cave death Mar ‘82, Thook connection, NY

cave law, Jumar problem, Convention Cave (Mass), Pathfinder and Mt

Desert Island talus caves (Maine), Sphagnum Ravine, Walt Allen Cave (W

Va), McFails bat survey, Bobbad-Iss poem, BUD GUANO cartoon strips,

Debar Mtn tectonokarst, Glen Park, Pettibone Karst CTF report,

groundhog hunt, Glawackus roundup, Hellhole (W Va) gate, NY State DOT

maps, Gargantua, Abenaki, Morris, and Dorset Bat caves (Vt), Indiana

bats in Vt, Franconia Notch Ponor and Lions Head caves (NH), Tuckerman

Ravine snow tubes, Mexico trip, Wynd Cave extension, St Regis Gulch,

karst under I-88, Dr Hargrave and Roy Webster obituaries, Dive Ray

sonar, bats and burdock, Howes Cave entrance (historic engraving),

Balls Cave historic cross-sections, Good Luck Cave, NE talus summary,

Tennessee caving, adventure in time and space, inscriptions in Cat

Hole Cave (Mass) and Ella Armstrong Cave, caving in the Magic Kingdom,

bat house plans, Clarksville Cave as a village water source, Graphite

mines, rumors; and BOG, NRO, McFails Committee,NSS Convention, and

grotto meeting notes.

1984, 1985, 1986 Northeastern Caver.

Thom Engel, editor. 334 pages

with index, in binder. Includes Paul Rubin’s NY Mega Systems report on

Skull-Knox, McFails-Howe, Barton Hill, and Lodens. Also, Mystery Cave,

McFails-Howe-Secret system, Asia Dome exploration, discovery at

Weybridge Cave, wild sections of Howe Ca-verns, Art Palmer and Chuck

Porter interviews, and John Schweyen’s Northeast Cave Diving Notes on

McFails SE, Schoharie, Caboose, Arch Spring-Tytoona (Pa), Clarksville,

Onesquethaw-Jordan, Natural Bridge, Hotwater Pond, South Bethlehem,

End of Gulch. Plus: Erie County caves, talus at Maine and Chimney Mtn,

Clarksville as a water supply, Clarksville rescue, Knox incident,

early accounts of Schoharie and Clarksville, Bud Guano cartoons, NY

carbonates, mystery caves of Lake Erie, use of the putty knife, cave

management, jungle boots, Indian Cave, South Bethlehem, Shako Coon

Hole, eastern Pa, and rumors, leads, news, reviews, cartoons,&c

1987, 1988, 1989 Northeastern Caver.

Thom Engel, editor. 360 pages, in

binder. Includes beyond McFails main sump and The End, Clarksville

beyond the Lake, geology of Caboose, Schweyen dive notes: Schoharie,

End of Gulch Clarksville, Doc Shauls, Natural Bridge,

Onesquethaw-Jordan; review of diving in Schoharie, Oliver Wells

interview - diving in the ‘50s, NY long caves, Gurnee interview, art

of sherpaing, Spider extension, Garden of Eden trip report, Bathtub

Feeder, Acadia and Fundy sea caves,Howe Cave Project, Cobleskill

plateau dye traces, speleo puns, NE Caver history, cave lengths, Conn.

caves, cancelled canine, bear encounter, McFails bats, McFails and

Barton Hill management, McFails rescue, Gage incident, Clarksville

rescue, Jill McMahon injury, bats, how to find caves, Shawangunks,

caves N of Thacher Park, SCAG area; and other caves including Big

Loop, Boneyard, Eagle, Four Little Indians, Levys, Morris, Plymouth,

Pompeys, Roadside, Shoehorn, Wagon Wheel, and Williams.

1990, 1991, 1992 Northeastern Caver.

Chuck Porter, editor. 396 pages,

in binder. Includes Clarksville breakthrough, Schweyen dive notes,

Ottawa River cave dives, Mitchell tragedy, Berkshire caving history -

geology - speleogenesis, advice for cave-lorn, Conn - Maine - NH

talus, Clarksville entrapment and rescue, Beckers incident, NE’s

grossest caves, Borehole in Gotham, car Ni-Cad charger, glawackus,

Balls digs and hydrogeology, long caves, McFails leveling, Clay Perry

material, Clarksville history, Oxford Co (Maine), adjustable Mitchell

rig, Howe Caverns guide spiels, magnetic survey errors, Onesquethaw

rescue, Asia Dome mapping, book and movie reviews, ice walks on

northern Lake Champlain, chilling Caboose tale, cold breath fiction,

Barrack Zourie photo tour, Joober Hole history and map, Moss Island,

Dorset Mtn, Hailes power proposal, Hostermans Pit threat, Dreamland,

Ice Glen, Jug End and Disappearing Brook karsts, message in bottle in

Hailes, Enchanted and Jack Patrick systems, No Bottom Pond,

Schenectady County, 1961 McFails trip, and other caves including

Barrack Zourie, Bobcat, Coopers, Devils Hole, Dolo, Drag Rock, Dry

Valley, Eagle, Gage, Grasse Blade Tick, Haystack Cone, Limestreet,

Mitchells, Mt Anthony, Natural Bridge and Sellecks.

1993, 1994, 1995 Northeastern Caver.

Chuck Porter, editor. 418 pages,

partially indexed, in binder. Includes Art Palmer’s Skull Cave

history, Schoharie Preserve management, NSS preserves waiver and

reports, rejuvenating batteries, rumors, rope washer, How it wuz,

Schoharie float trips, Schoharie cabin memories and dedication, Gage

accident, Jefferson County, dark side of Beckers, McFails stink, trip

leaders, Hollow Brook karst, Lester Howe’s grave, NE tantalizers, book

reviews, Vermont statistics, eastern Vt. limestones, Dancin’ in the

mud, Bensons access and cleanup, Guenther accident, Gurnee obit, OTR

pervert, Negley’s lost room, Watertown, digging tips, gloves, Junkyard

body recovery, falling rocks, Grenville marble, underground rr, 1946

Knox photos, old times at Knox, whither MBDATHS, Maidstone fracture

system, Speleocrooks, Wheat lamp conversions, tectonic cave

classification, central Lake Champlain and eastern Lake Ontario ice

walks, Hannacroix Maze hydrology, cave trip checklist, electric lamp

voltage regulator, internet info, Ithaca tunnels, CMAP programs, long

cave lists, Sheffield (Mass.) dig, Poestenkill gorge, Gage in 1837,

How much do you see, teenage yahoo caver, NH and Maine misc.,

addiction, crossword, Howes Cave history and leads, 1953 DC Robinson

letters, special lighting section, mine safety, media, Cave Talk,

flooding at Howes and Barrack Zourie, BZ saga and notes, northern New

England tunnel mines, Mt Anthony and Sterling Hill mines, new gel

cell, cavers’ slang, reopening of Hunter, graffiti, Barren Mtn talus,

rabies, and other caves including Ain’t No Catchment, Allagash Ice, B

Sink, Barren Mtn, Bonticou Crag, Browns, Cayuga, Cipperly, Devils Den,

Dover Stone Church, Easter, Featherstonhaughs Flop, Good Luck, Green

Mtn, Justins, Kunjamuk, Mack Farm, Mt Anthony, Na One, Plymouth Water,

Richmond, Sinks by the Sugarbush, Sudbury, Trenton Falls, Turbine,

Van Hornesville, and 911. Includes 93/5, the 1969-1993 Index.

1996, 1997, 1998 Northeastern Caver.

Chuck Porter, editor. 414 pages,

partially indexed, in binder. Includes ‘96 - McFails - Pompeys floods,

New England explorations, NY & New England long caves, Keyhole &

Clarksville accidents,Hanors incident, New England talus, talus

connection standards, Mt Horrid, Adk marble caves, NE mysteries, Floyd

Collins and Sunless Sea reviews, Doug Knight obit, Terrace & Tom Ball

Mtn caves, Greene County & Allegany Park caves, NW NB gypsum, Flat

Creek Gorge, Fluke & Abare cartoons, digging & Garden of Eden &Knox

quests, Wright digs & dye traces, bone dig, cave fiction, Stephen King

trip report, buzzwords, NE Grottos, NRO meetings, NE Cave Conservancy,

VAR access, no sink, Devils Washdish, Gulf-Townsend karst, bolting

gear, new seat harness, Palomar knot, minimalist vertical gear, Petzl

Mega tampering, Premier repairs, cleaning Suuntos, rechargeable alk.

cells, BMS Microrack, vertical quiz, aragonite in Salamander,

travertine deposition, U/Th dates, science abstracts, Browns

Depression gravity survey, UTM system, conclusion of Art Palmer’s

Skull Cave history, Keyhole history, Sunderland Cave in 1813, caves in

1860 NY Gazetteer, Buchanan Charles ms., Clay Perry report, Balls 1949

photo, 1957 Knox news story, Schoharie fallout shelter, ice walks, ice

caves, Valcour Is. caves, Bar Harbor & Magdalen Is. sea caves,

Breathing Well, Batman, Mass. miscellany, dash to BZ, wet pinch in

Morris, Hinmans Hole, Mine Hole, vanishing wilderness, rumors, and

other caves including Allagash Ice, Austin, Bensons, Blueberry, Chevy,

Cullen, Cyclops, Debsconeag Ice, Deboullie Twp, Deep Fissure, Devils

Rhapsody, Easter, Eldons, Glawackus, Gorge, Grotto, Harris Hill,

Inmans, Jack Patricks #3, Keyhole, Le Trou des Perdus, Little Peaked

Mtn, Maidstone, Marble Pond, Natures Way, Nethmad, Pasture, Peggy

Hole, Per-Severance, Rhodes, Schoenlein, Shelter, Sinks by the

Sugarbush, Sip-Der, Speos de la Fee, The, Traps, Triple X, Uhll be

Cold, Unknown Pond, Veenfliets, White Lake, Williams, Wiltsies and

1999-2004 BACK ISSUES OF The Northeastern Caver

1999, 2000, 2001 Northeastern Caver.

Chuck Porter, editor. 420 pages,

partially indexed, in binder. Includes Five Year Index

1994-1998,Rumors, Cuba expedition, New Brunswick names, repairing

Suuntos, Where are they now?, account of skeletons and Spanish coins

in Vt cave, Fluke and Pingree cartoons, five bar minimum, NE Cave

Conservancy news & cave acq. list, digging for me, new finds in Mass

and RI, Mammoth cave crew, Bob Piper obit, Knox rescue, Angela Lucas

and Rod Pingree poems, Valcour accident, repairing nylon coveralls,

stupendous Watertown Cavern, Pownal survey, relict karst near Inlet,

caves in Litchfield Hills, new section of Rhodes, Roxbury Iron and

Roomy mines, X Files at Williams Talc Mines, Eagle Mills tunnel and

tufa, Pettibone tunnel caves, mines & mineral resource data, Rockeater

and Tim Vile photos, 1831 Albany Co. trip, Subterranean, Reprisal,

Cavern, Last Dive, Batboy, and Among Giants reviews, millenial misc.,

Adk talus finds, marble near Hudson Gorge, Knox Preserve report, Clay

Perry graffiti photo, mapping Tryon, are you a caver?, NRO

constitution, bylaws & grants, Ella Armstrong in 1808, who is to

blame, river runs thru it, Schoharie improvements, New England cave

lengths, fly ash at Howes, Helderberg speleothem dating, Howes in

1857, extraterrestrial caving, what must come out, Mo. property,/

Nahant underground military base, Old Maids & Ben Venue photos,

Pompeys in 1831, Virginia discoveries, frog rig, Crossbones, Skinner

Hollow, Gees, and Allagash Ice maps, Williams remapped, volunteer ops,

Mass update, good idea, 3 Adk trackdowns, Inmans revisited, Lockport

mystery, Bare Mtn slide, sinkhole fire, northern NY scuba leads, Knox

update, NiMH batteries, Surprise rockfall, NY liability, NH

entrapment, new outhouses, Clark Coolidge interview, snow tubes, Rob

Svensson dive death in Clarksville and body recovery, Peggys Hole

lyrics, Hellhole issue, Skinner Hollow finds, McFails sump dive

photos, Maine Cave Survey, history, geology & hydrology of Knox,

Mitchells in 1824, Hailes dye traces, Ontario trip, Knox Cave

Overture, Onesquethaw management plan, digger wanderings, caves in

Melrose, Mass., Mammoth trouble, Knox formation, Maine Cave Protection

Act, Project Totem Nose, NB accident, Gage rescue, Westfalls re-dug,

word search, Newfoundland caves, Sawney Beane tale, Kitty Cobble

search, carbide lamp ad, Thunder Hole dig, Skull-Knox Cave System,

Camden caves, Per-Severance discovery, and other caves and maps

including: Aeolus Bat, Allagash Ice, Alligator, Baldface Pass,

Berkshire Cavern, Birdseye Mtn, Bottomless Pit, Browns, Carter Ponds,

Carver Falls, Coon, Chaffe Mtn #1, Chock Stone, Cliff Hole,

CrossBones, Dailey Hollow, Debsconeag, Cutler sea, Ella Armstrong,

Fairys Hole, Floods Pond, Furnace Mtn, Hedgehog Chasm, Hobbitland,

Hunter, Ironbound I. sea, Kens Kave, Lost River, Moses Tablets,

Natures Way, Mt Utsayantha, No Bottom Pond, Pico, Pirates Glen,

Pittsford Ice, Pompeys Annex, Precipice, Quebec, Robbinston sea, Sebec

Ice, Shackford Head sea, Skinners Island, Summit Mtn, The Ovens,

Tinmouth Mtn, Trou des Perdus IV, Valcour Is, and Williams caves.

2002 ISSUES OF The Northeastern Caver


NCC, NRO and NSS Convention news/ bat tallies/ Sellecks Preserve/

new Clarksville passage/ Nutribat/

Thunder Hole update/ Barton Hill project/ Little Mtn Fissure/ Al

Hulstrunk interview/ Chimney Hole/

Grotte du Torrent/ Knox management plan/ Clark Reservation/ Widened

Fault/ 2001 index


Cobble Hill & French Louie caves/ Horse Farm Rd Cave/ New England

lengths/ electrical speleogenesis/

Met Grotto origins/ Skull Cave ‘53/ hanging practice rope/ Devils Den

& No Bottom Pond/ Cave Mistake/

Garden of Eden/ back issues/ Cave Bum/ On Canadian Caverns/ bat



Convention wrapup/ Mole People review/ Doolittles Cave/ Knox 4K

Passage/ Bernard Mtn sea cave/ Thun-

der Hole/ ANC reopened/ Chapel Rock Cave, NH/ Cave Mistake/ Adk

shorties/ Devils Hole/ Schoharie dig/

Ripogenus Gorge caves/ luminous moss in NH/ MBDATHS map/ Eagle Cave

report/ image gallery: Me.


Onondaga & Thacher Park faults/ southern Thacher finds/ Natures

Way/ Worlds End sinkhole caves/ NH

survey/ Wildcat Ridge, NH/ Thunder Hole/ NE bat hibernacula/ Big

Island Cave/ Totem Nose summer ‘02/

Mystery Cave/ Delano Hill lumns. moss/ Finland/ Ravena caves/ Rain

Drain/ Peapack Quarry/ Tinmouth

2003 ISSUES OF The Northeastern Caver


Howes Cave Project, Black River collapse, Leigh Cave, NJ, Sprague

obit, Secret Caverns history, Beaver-

dam Rd digs, Thacher rebuttal, Ladder Dig, Grenville sink-dig sites,

Have you seen?, No Bottom Pond,

Mass glacial boulder caves, ice cave of NE, image gallery: NY wild

caves, 2002 index, Constit. Cave, Ma.


Thacher Park, Paradise Lost, Poland salt mine, Balls Cave 1949,

Sears Is. sea caves, rumors, Hudson rr

tunnels, image gallery: Mass, Conn & Vt, Satans Cave, repairing survey

gear & carbide lamps


Wicks Hole entrance, Cave House bid, Barytes and Wolferts

breakthroughs, Pine Mtn Cave, Lynk Cave,

karst at NESF symposium, NY tunnel story, Adk gneiss finds


Howes Cave news, Pete Johnson obit, Quarry Hole cave, Lynk Cave,

Cross Is. sea cave, caves of Orland,

Me. Aeolus Bat Cave temperatures, Dave Beiter memories, Cave Mistake,

marble cave near Pine Lake,

1853 account of Balls Cave, Jeffersons Knee, NH caves, Kazabazua &

mine, Que, Van Hornesville

2004 ISSUES OF The Northeastern Caver


Dye traces at Bensons-Barytes & Natures Way, Quarry Hole,

Ward-Gregory link, 1842 Clarksville caves

account, West Twin Mtns talus, Not Federal Offense, Copperhead & Glory

Hole caves, Ct., more Dave

Beiter memories, drainlunking, Five-Year Index 1999-2003


NCC purchase of Clarksville Cave, Dutchess Quarry caves, cave

conservancy forum, Skinner Hollow ridge

walk, Cascade Boulder Cave, rime-karst finds at Rainbow Shores, Max

Schrabisch NJ finds, Berkshire Farm

Center caves, 1905 trip to Howes Cave, book reviews, image gallery:

Mass., NH, Maine, Vt.


Two Second Pit color cover, McFails Hole dog rescue, duck race,

new NRO, Crumble Crawl push, Rt 20

Cave dig, Indian Oven re-survey, Lechuguilla impact mapping, Milk Cave

photos, Stacy Mtn caves, Knox

& Robinson reminiscences, Pamola caves, psychobabble, Schoharie

serendipity, Beiter’s 1/2 fast farm


NCC buys Clarksville, Paris catacombs, Germany Valley update,

gating of Aeolus & trip report, Haystack,

Aroostook River, Montagne du College, Cranberry Pond, Graves, misc.

New Hampshire, and North Pole

caves, Eagle Crag site, Clarksville temp. study, Devils Hole at

Dansville, early accounts of Sunderland

Cave, the way back

2005 ISSUES OF The Northeastern Caver


Surprise Cave rescue reports, wind turbine bat kills, The Cave in

Central Park, Hells Wells, ANC limit,

marble heart of Berkshires, beyond End of Secret-Bensons Drain,

Salamander-Gorge connection, Robinson

Knox map, Baugh, Eft & Novemberkill caves, Dreamland found, 2004

index, electrical prospecting tool

The following single issues are still available:

76/3, 77/1, 2, 4, 6,

78/3 thru 79/1, 79/3 thru 80/4, 81/3, 85/1, 85/3, 85/4, 86/1, 89/1,

90/1, 2, 3, 91/1 thru 92/2, 92/4 thru 98/1, 98/4, 99/1, 99/3 thru

00-2, 01-2 to present. Be sure to get 93/5: the 1969-1993 Index, 99/1

which has the 1994-1998 Index, and 04/1 which has the 1999-2003 Index,

all by Steve Higham, for $2 ea.