2017 Rocky Mountain Regional

Welcome all to the 2017 Rocky Mountain Regional, to be held at Taylor’s Cow Camp in Bighorn National Forest, September 15th, 16th, and 17th. Caving opportunities are plentiful in this area with the world class Great Expectations Cave (better known as Great-X), Tres Charros, P-Bar, Spanish point and Bad Medicine all close by. There will be sign-up sheets at camp to get trips organized for each cave. Expect cooler weather in the 40's and a good chance of snow...the perfect time to be underground!


Friday: arrive at Taylor's Cow Camp after a beautiful drive through the changing fall colors along County Road 17. Register and sign up for trips to the many caves in the area:

  • Great Expectations Cave: Acquired by the National Speleological Society in 2003. It is the second longest cave in Wyoming and has the famed Great Hall which is the largest room in Wyoming at about 2,000 feet long and up to 100 feet high and wide. Pristine Trapper Creek sinks into the cave at the entrance and is followed within the cave for some distance. One must use caution in this wet alpine cave. Look for the spectacular Cephalopod Malt Shop along this path. If this cave doesn’t meet your expectations, they can't be met! This is truly a wonderful experience you wont want to miss!
  • La Caverna de los Tres Charros: This cave has about 5,200 feet of passage to explore. With underground waterfalls and stream passages, this cave appeals to cavers for the challenges it provides, including 20- and 40-foot drops requiring ropes and vertical gear.
  • Bad Medicine: Just 2.2 miles downstream form Tres Charros with 6,600 feet of passage that follow along in the upstream of Dry Medicine Lodge Creek, this cave requires wet suits and vertical gear. There is potential for Bad Medicine to connect to Tres Charros as Dry Medicine Lodge Creek flows down stream on this same trend and Aley (1983) has shown that the same waters flow through both caves. 
  • P Bar: This well-known cave has an estimated three to four miles of passage to explore with multiple entrances, including the very nice-sounding Skylight entrance. This cave has fast water and deep pools which may make for a wet trip.

Saturday will be filled with caving trips, presentations, activities and a chili dinner.

Sunday has more caving trips, camp clean up, and the close out of the weekend.

Please make sure you have decontaminated your caving and vertical gear before you arrive so as not to encourage the spread of WNS. 

The 2017 Rocky Mountain Regional is hosted by Wyoming's Hole-In-The-Wall Grotto. Camp coordinates are 44°24'45.00"N, 107°27'2.02"W.



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