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The Rocky Mountain Region is an official internal organization of the National Speleological Society (NSS) composed of grottoes from the states of Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming. We are an organization dedicated to tackling regional issues and projects related to cave science, exploration, and conservation as well as to promoting fellowship among the cavers of the Region.




President:  Micah Ball | Timberline Grotto | Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Vice-President:  Mark Rabin | Colorado Grotto | Denver, Colorado

Secretary/Treasurer:  Position Open


Elections are held at annual regional events or as required.

History of the Rocky Mountain Region

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During the Thanksgiving holidays of 1971, a group of cavers from the Vedawoo, Colorado State University, and Colorado School of Mines grottoes met during the annual pilgrimage of cavers to the New Mexico Guads. It was here that the idea of forming a Rocky Mountain Region originated with Rebel Kuniansky (Vedawoo), Bruce Unger (Colorado State University), and Mark Maslyn (Colorado School of Mines) as the prime moving forces.

The idea drew large support from the cavers of the Rocky Mountain states and an organizational meeting was held in Laramie, Wyoming with delegates from Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. At this October, 1972 meeting, a constitution and by-laws were drafted and approved. By Christmas of that year, five grottoes had signed the forms chartering the region.

That same winter the charter forms disappeared somewhere, and the idea of a region went into semi-dormancy. The interest remained however, a Rocky Mountain Pseudo-Region correspondent appeared for the NSS News, and slowly the momentum began to build again.

This culminated in the summer of 1975 when the Colorado and Colorado School of Mines grottoes jointly hosted a 4th of July Regional on the White River Plateau in northwestern Colorado. More than 80 cavers from Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming showed up, along with cavers from other states, for a weekend Extravaganza of cave trips and a most hearty Saturday night spaghetti dinner. In the short business meeting that followed, representatives from the Salt Lake, Vedawoo, Colorado State University, Colorado, and Colorado School of Mines grotto voted to reform and officially charter the region.

The rest of the history is occurring now as the Rocky Mountain Region is officially chartered with the National Speleological Society.


R. Mark Maslyn
28 September 1975


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2008 Rocky Mountain Regional 
Cottonwood Canyon, Wyoming

2005 Rocky Mountain Regional
Utah Valley, Utah