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This view looking SE across the Quadrangle shows the current Museum building on the left, and Amusement Bldg. #9 on the right.

Amusement Bldg. #9

Amusement Bldg. #9

Amusement Bldg. #9

80 feet of railing on the 2nd floor deck will be restored by members of the SWR

Walker & Peerman walking around to the front of the building from the parking lot.

The balusters appear to be attached with nails or screws

First side railing on the SW corner of the building

Closeup of first side rail building attachment

Rotten wood caused by water running between layers

The metal cap on the sections between rails cause the water to run off onto the other wood members

Most of the rail constructions to be the same across the 2nd floor porch area

The water runoff that has caused the rotting can probably be corrected by use of non-horizontal surfaces

Even some of the sections that look "good" will probably be replaced during the Project

The lower end of some of the balusters will need additional filling work

There are a total of 7 wide sections of railing, plus 2 narrow end sections

Peerman, Walker and Corcoran discuss the process required to remove the old wood, repair and prep some of the pieces, make new parts, install and paint the repaired sections.

These sections between the railing sections appear to drop all the way to the ground area once the metal cover is removed.

This end railing baluster on the NE end appears to be in the worst shape and will require special wood filling


Wayne Walker checks out the rail assembly on the Preliminary Feb. 24th trip. K. Lindsley Photo.

Stephen Fleming is checking the condition of the top rails and 2x4 rail supports while others start removing the metal caps on the Preliminary Feb. 24th trip. K. Lindsley Photo.

Not only was the wood rotting in many places, tree debris was removed prior to marking baluster positions. Lynda Sanchez sweeps while Wayne inspects the top rail. K. Lindsley Photo

Stephen Fleming, Master Planner of the 2nd Deck, carefully marks each of the baluster positions before disassembly during the Preliminary Feb. 24th trip. P. Lindslsey Photo.

Steve Peerman consults with Mike Bilbo on reconstruction issues of the worst balusters during the Preliminary Feb. 24th trip. J. Moses Photo.

Jim Goodbar gets a Project Update from Pete Lindsley and Lynda Sanchez. K. Lindsley Photo.

Don't forget to check out the Fort Stanton Museum "Cave Room" when the Museum is open. P. Lindsley fisheye Photo.

Addition information on this room HERE

Fort Stanton Quadrangle on Google Earth

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More PREPARATION Detail on Feb 24-25, 2012


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