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Special Fort Stanton 2012 Project

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As part of the SWR 50th Celebration, a number of SWR cavers have volunteered to perform a service project at the Fort Stanton Quadrangle where there are a number of historic buildings in need of repairs. Our accepted assignment was to repair the second floor balcony rails and supports of Building #9. New Mexico State Monuments is providing the materials for the Project, and the cavers are providing the labor. Reconstruction and wood working experts from both State Monuments and others have discussed the process, materials have been identified and ordered, two weekends of reconstruction work have been completed, and only a small touch-up task remains. Stephen Fleming was in charge of the Project and additional photos will be posted soon to these web pages.

Amusement Bldg. #9

A 54 MB .m4v file is available now for viewing if you have the bandwidth. Click HERE to download the file which should play on either a Mac or PC.


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