Southwestern Region Activities

Upcoming Southwestern Region Events

Summer Regional
June 15-17, 2018

Where:  Bonita Canyon (1 hr west of ABQ)

hosted by Sandia Grotto

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Regional activities include exploration, mapping, cave inventory, scientific study, public education and awareness, and conservation and restoration volunteer efforts with the NPS, BLM, and USFS. The Southwestern Region holds four Regional meetings a year. Three of them are field meetings, and include caving activities and/or volunteer projects. The Winter Technical is held indoors with technical papers presented.
Regional - late March or Early April
Summer Regional - usually Memorial Day weekend
Fall Regional - usually Labor Day weekend
Winter Technical Regional - usually held the first or second weekend in December

SWR Caving Calendar
May 5-13 FSCSP
May 18-20Carlsbad Caverns Cable Camouflage Crew -contact Lois Manno
May 19 GypKap
June 2-3 HGRP
June 15-17SWR at Bonita Canyon
June 22-24Carlsbad Caverns Cable Camouflage Crew -contact Lois Manno
TBD summer SWR
July 7-15 FSCSP
July 30-Aug 3 NSS Convention - Helena Montana
TBD fall SWR
Sept 29 GypKap
Oct 13-21 FSCSP
TBD SWR Winter Tech

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