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Important Info + Links

Cave permit contact information for New Mexico 

Lincoln National ForestLincoln permits 

Carlsbad Caverns NP
Backcountry Caving
El Malpais NPCaving Info
New Mexico BLMGeneral NM BLM Caving Info

Roswell Field Office

Cave Exploration Landowner LiabilityProposed 2017 Legislation vetoed as Governor stated it was already covered.  (Apr 2017)
Dark Canyon Lookout CabinComments sought for plan to begin an overnight cabin rental program for the Dark Canyon Lookout Cabin and Tower on the Guadalupe Ranger District. (Mar 2016)
Lincoln National Forest Planning ProcessThe Lincoln National Forest is in the early stages of their Forest Plan revision.  Many of you are interested in the caves on Lincoln National Forest and may want to be part of their revision process.  Lincoln National Forest Plan Revision 2015-2019.
January 2016 Newsletter
Carlsbad BLM Resource Management Plan RevisionCarlsbad BLM Resource Management Plan Revision

Other Forests plans in Southwest up for revisionUSFS Region 3 (Southwest) Forest Management Plans revision

WNS Information

Please check your local permit requirements.  Do not use gear from a WNS region in New Mexico even after following decontamination procedures at:.
***NOTE:  hot water standard for disinfection: maintaining clothing and gear submerged in hot water at a sustained temperature of greater than 55 degrees Celsius (131 F) for more than 20 minutes. IMPORTANT: This hot water disinfecting is done AFTER completing the usual cleaning with surfactant, such as Woolite, and removal of organic material.

SWR WNS Information archive

*NOTE* some of these may have been superceded by the new policy above

USDA Forest Service WNS Information
BLM WNS Information

National Park Service
WNS NM Interagency (Draft) Forms
(For SWR cavers interested in assisting)

Volunteer Assistance Form

Significant Bat Roost Form

Contact Donna Hummel to return Interagency Forms and discuss related WNS information
*Nov 8 2010 NM Interagency Meetings
NSS WNS Information
USGS WNS Information
USFWS Information
White Nose


Other Links and Documents of Interest

NSS Information
  Cave Dilation Theory
Battle For Bats: Surviving White Nose Syndrome
White Mesa Springs
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