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  • NEW !!! Speleonics issue #27 is now available on the "Speleonics" Page.
  • NOTE:   Speleonics Editor Paul Jorgenson has announced his retirement with the latest issue (#27). If you are interested in assuming this important and highly-visible position, please contact one of the Board members.
  • Do you need information about some obscure component? Try the new link added to the "Other Sites" Page for the Datasheet Archive. Over 6 million component datasheets are archived on that site.
  • Interested in joining the discussions about cave-electronics? The on-line Discussion Group Speleonics is a private list-server geared to exchanging ideas about all speleo-electronic topics. The postings are open to everyone for reading. However, to post (i.e. join in) to the group, you must be a registered member of the group (not necessarily a member of this C&S Section). Click the link below to get more information and/or to join the Discussion Group:
    Being a member of the C&E Section does NOT automatically add you to this discussion group. You must register separately.
    All issues of Speleonics are now free on-line for reading and/or downloading. Go to the Speleonics Page, using the button at the left side of this page. Many Thanks to the three members who took the time to scan them in for us.
  • SPELEONICS Call For Papers !!!
    The newsletter of the Section, SPELEONICS, is looking for articles for upcoming issues. If you have a project that would like to be published, please email the Publications Chair, Paul R. Jorgenson (ke7hr@cox.net). You do not have to be a member of the Section to submit an article for publication. The next issue is in the works!

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