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Last updated on
16 Nov 2002

The Cavideo News Letter

The main vehicle for keeping members in touch, and learning about the field of video is the Cavideo Newsletter. The Cavideo Newsletter is published 4 times a year, and is sent to all current members. The quality of the newsletter is only as good as the contributions, so members are encouraged to submit articles on any aspect of cave video.

Submitting Articles for publication:

In order to submit articles, send them to the Editor of the Video section. Sending material electronically (via email) is preferable. Material can be sent in the body of the email, or as attachments. The editor can accept almost any format, especially for Intel based machines. The editor uses Microsoft Word, and MS Publisher for the newsletter. However, articles sent mail will be gladly accepted. Art work, graphics and covers are also accepted.

Suggestions for articles:

Here are some ideas that you might consider when writing an article for the newsletter.

A trip report on a cave trip in which you did some video work. Was the trip just for fun, or were you shooting scenes with a specific video in mind. What kind of gear did you take? Did you have help to carry batteries and such? Did you have a plan with dialog?

A description of your entry into the NSS Video Salon.  What did you do to produce the video.  What problems did you encounter during the production.

Description ( parts list, etc ) for home built equipment such as lights, special cables, or sound equipment.

Ideas on subject matter for caving related videos. Can you tell about the techniques you use for lighting in a cave. How many lights do you use? Where do you place them? Do you use helmet mounted lights?

Do you do mostly action scenes, or just formations, or both? etc, etc, etc.

These are just a few ideas to inspire you to write.

Excerpts from the Cavideo News letters:
On-line Articles

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