Your connection to the Video Section of the NSS

September 1997  Vol. 3  No 3

From the Editor

As many of you may know, Paul Stevens has been the Chair of the NSS AV  Committee for a number of years.  Not too long ago, he also accepted the job of Treasure of the NSS.  Considering the work load required, he decided that he didn't have the time to do a proper job in the NSS AV committee.  My name came up as a possible candidate, and I found myself actually volunteering for the job.  Since the NSS Convention, I have been the Chair of the video portion of the NSS AV Committee (Colin Gatland is the Chair of the slide portion).

The reason for bringing this up is because one of my responsibilities is to find and/or produce new videos for the NSS video library.  So I thought, "what a better place to look for new videos than the NSS Video Section!"

So, with the above in mind, I would ask all of you to look through your collection of cave videos and see if you might have some material which you could put together for the NSS AV library.  If you need some post production work done (titles, music, ending credits, etc), I can perform those tasks for you.  I am even willing to do editing of raw footage if you can supply a fairly accurate edit list and written narration.

Of course, any kind of video for the NSS AV library needs to have a plot or some kind of theme.  Grottos and NSS members who rent the videos out want to see a little more than just a collection of caving shots.

So if you have any material which may be suitable, let me know and maybe we can put together some great shows!

Dave Socky
Editor - Cavideo Newsletter

Last Chance for Dues

1997 dues for the NSS Video Section are due (have been due since the NSS Convention).   This is the third of four Cavideo newsletters for 1997, but if you have not paid, this will be your last.  The Video Section cannot afford to send news letters to cavers who do not pay their dues.  If your address label has the year '97 or greater in the upper right hand corner, you owe $5.00 in order to keep receiving the Cavideo newsletter.  If you owe, send a check to the following address.  Make the check payable to "NSS Video Section" and send to:

NSS Video Section
c/o Dave Socky
6572 Woodbrook Dr. SW
Roanoke, VA 24018-5402

For those who are new to the Video Section, you may not realize what an improvement there has been in the quantity and quality of the Cavideo newsletter.  This is the 6th Cavideo I have done since May 1996, when I started as editor.  I have maintained this as a quarterly newsletter and will continue to do so.  The point is - it is worth the $5.00 per year, so please send your check today.

1997 Video Salon Winners

Dave Socky & Alex Sproul

The 1997 Video Salon saw some new and interesting entries.  A total of four entries were received in the Amateur Division, but none in the Professional Division.   Excerpts of all accepted entries were shown during the Thursday evening Photo Salon presentations, and winning entries were shown in their entirety on Friday.  This year's entries included excellent use of nonlinear (digital) editing, which enables some very fancy special effects.  Judges Bill Deane,  Tim Kilby, and Wes Skiles selected the following winners:

Amateur Division
Underground Symphony, by Fred Baumann.
Honorable Mention:
SP Cave, by Fred Baumann.
Merit Award:
Crystal Beach Spring Project '96, by Michael Garman.
Merit Award:
Death Canyon II, by Dave Socky.
Professional Division
No entries
Best of Show
Death Canyon II, by Dave Socky.