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The Georgia Speleological Survey (GSS) is an archival organization for the exploration, documentation, and study of caves in Georgia (USA). The GSS has approximately 70 members and is an internal organization of the National Speleological Society (NSS) and is a member of the Southeastern Regional Association (SERA) of the NSS.

The GSS maintains a record of caves and karst features in Georgia. A cave must be at least 30 feet of length, depth, or total traverse for inclusion in its GSS Cave Listing. Currently there are over 600 caves of record. The GSS maintains a separate Karst Feature Listing. The GSS has survey instruments for mapping caves available to its members for a small fee.

Constitution of the GSS

GSS Contacts Page information on current officers and positions and how to contact them.

GSS Membership/Sales information on how to become a member and GSS products for sale.

Forms for Reporting Caves & Other Useful Information various reporting forms, information on Georgia geology, and latitude / longitude rulers.

2016 GSS Annual Meeting Saturday, May 14th, 10 a.m. ET -- SCCi’s Frick’s Cave Preserve

Dear GSS Member,

The Annual Meeting of the Georgia Speleological Survey (GSS) has been scheduled for Saturday, May 14th, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET at the Southeastern Cave Conservancy's Frick's Cave Preserve near LaFayette, Georgia. The GSS meeting will include an update on recent finds in Georgia, old & new business, and officer elections. Membership packages will be available and will include the 2015 GSS Bulletin & an updated cave data listing for 2016. Due to its sensitive nature, access to Frick's Cave will NOT be allowed. Participants should note that area residents have a "no dogs" policy so please leave your pets at home. The meeting will be held outside, so bring your lawn-chairs and appropriate clothing.

The meeting's location is between Lafayette and Trenton about three miles southwest from the intersection of Georgia Highways 136 and 193.

Please turn in your cave location corrections and new cave report forms to Brent Aulenbach by May 2nd in order to be included in this year's updated cave data listing!

If you prepaid for a 2016 GSS membership and can't make it to the meeting, your membership package will be sent to you soon after the meeting. If you would like to renew your membership by mail, memberships are $15/year and can be sent to Georgia Speleological Survey, c/o Brent Aulenbach, Treasurer, 195 Windy Court SW, Lilburn, GA 30047. Please include your name, address, phone number (that you want to appear on the membership roster), email address, and NSS number. Family members can be added for $5/year (no GSS Bulletin & data listing). The GSS Mapbook on CD was last updated in May 2015 (updated every two years) and is available for $10, $5 for an update if you have previous purchased a mapbook. If you have any questions, please email or call Brent Aulenbach, GSS Treasurer at (770) 279-7674.

Please contact Nancy Aulenbach, GSS Chair at (770) 355-9964, or the GSS Website: for further information.

We hope to see everyone there!

For information on past meetings, visit the Meetings page.

Something is Killing our Bats - Information about White-Nose Syndrome

As you may already know, hundreds of thousands of hibernating bats have died over the past three years in Northeastern U.S down to Virginia. While it is currently not known if it is a cause or a symptom, a tell-tale sign is a strain of white fungus that is found on the muzzle and other parts of the body of bats, and is referred to as White-Nose Syndrome,  One of the best sources of information is found on the following U.S. Fish and Wildlife website:

While White-Nose Syndrome has not been currently documented as far south as Georgia, as a precaution, it is suggested that cavers do not visit caves inhabited with lots of hibernating bats and that clothes and gear be thoroughly cleaned between visiting different caves to limit the spread of the fungus between caves. The most up-to-date suggested decontamination procedures are available here: .

The Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (SCCi) has adopted a Cave Visitation Policy for WNS Concerns and is posted on the SCCi WNS News page at

Frick's Cave Resurvey Project, Walker County, Georgia

The GSS has an ongoing survey project at Frick’s Cave in Walker County, Georgia. Note that the GSS has obtained special permission to survey this closed cave from the Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. For more information on the project, when trips are scheduled, and how you can participate, click here.

Closed Cave Lists

Caves are closed to protect the cave, its formations, biota, and archeological resources, or because the owner does not want people on his/her property or in his/her caves for one reason or another. Some caves are always closed while other caves are open only at certain times of the year or with special permission or requirements of the landowner. These lists provided include many of the more widely visited caves and are by no means an exhaustive list of the open status of all caves in the southeast. You are ultimately responsible for obtaining proper permission from the landowner before entering their caves.

Closed and Limited Access Caves of TAG List of closed and limited access caves in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. Maintained by the Dogwood City Grotto.

Significant Bat Cave List List of restricted access bat caves in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Maintained by the Nashville Grotto and the Central Basin Grotto.

Georgia Hunting Information

Hunting seasons vary greatly from one locale to another. For more information visit the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resource Division website or download the hunting regulations for 2015-2016 at

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