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Meeting Information

Meeting Date: Monday - March 12, 2018

Meeting Place: Home of Christopher Dick,

988 Whippoorwill Ln, Nashville, IN 47448. 

Time: 7:30 PM

Details: Bring something to eat and drink if you so desire.


Indiana Cave Survey December 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:38 PM by President Trotter. He thanked Bill Baus for hosting the meeting. The pizza, sides, and drinks were great.

Introductions were made and those in attendance included Bruce Trotter (President), Chris Dick (Vice President), Keith Dunlap (Treasurer), Ray Sheldon (Secretary), John Benton (Board Member), Jerry Walker, Jamie Winner, Bill Baus, Dave Black, Lee Florea, Kevin Strunk, Joe Bowmer, and Bruce Bundy.

The September 2017 meeting minutes were approved as written.

Dunlap reported $5,968.61 in the treasury. Don’t forget to pay dues for next year, only $5.00.

County Director Reports are as follows:

Trotter Mentioned that Bill Schulze is planning to pass the Martin County files to Dave Black. If anyone is interested in taking over Martin please contact Trotter.

Jennings County Director Trotter no activity.

Bartholomew, Jackson, Jefferson & Ripley County Director Sheldon reported no activity. Aaron French from Decatur County made contact with hopes of joining the ICS and surveying caves on the eastern side.

Clark & Scott County Director Dunlap is working on Doug Love’s thesis and reference manual.

Crawford, Floyd & Harrison County Director Black reported work in Floyd (O.C. Phelps Cave) and Benton turned in two forms in Crawford. Chris Bell has been busy locating twelve more in Harrison.

Dubois & Orange County Director Winner reported six new forms. Benton reported on five caves and one spring.

Lawrence & Monroe County Director Dick reported no activity in Lawrence and Monroe. He found a pit in Harrison and is talking to the landowner

Meeting Date Meeting Place View Meeting Details
9/12/11 Home of Ray Shedon, Elizabethtown, IN ICS September 12,2011.pdf
6/13/11 Home of Bruce Trotter, Columbus, IN June_13_2011.pdf
3/14/11 Home of Tom Rea, Bloomington, IN March2011_ICS_Minutes.pdf
12/13/10 Home of Bill Baus, Bloomington Dec_13_2010.pdf
12/12/11 Home of Bill Baus, Bloomington ICS December 12-2011.doc