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Meeting Information

Meeting Date: Monday - December 11, 2017

Meeting Place: Home of Bill Baus, Bloomington, IN

Time: 7:30 PM

Details: Bring something to eat and drink if you so desire.


Indiana Cave Survey September 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:46 PM by President Trotter. A big thanks to Danyele Green and Tymme Laun for hosting the meeting. The food, sides, and drinks were much appreciated.

Introductions were made and those in attendance included Bruce Trotter (President), Chris Dick (Vice President), Keith Dunlap (Treasurer), Ray Sheldon (Secretary), John Benton (Board Member), Glenn Lemasters, Bill Baus, Danyele Green, Tymme Laun, Laura Demarest, Dave Black, Brian Cross, Lee Florea, Darrell Lahm, and Joe Bowmer.

The June 2017 meeting minutes were approved as written.

Dunlap reported $6,080.44 in the treasury. We currently have 64 members.

County Director Reports are as follows:

Jennings County Director Trotter no activity.

Bartholomew, Jackson, Jefferson & Ripley County Director Sheldon reported no activity.

Clark & Scott County Director Dunlap reported rumors only.

Crawford, Floyd & Harrison County Director Black did not report. Dunlap mentioned Chris Bell reported three in Harrison that were added to the database.

Lawrence & Monroe County Director Dick reported three updates in Lawrence and three updates in Monroe.

Brown, Decatur, Franklin & Shelby County Director Cross reported one shelter to look at in Brown.

The following County Director reports were mentioned from the floor:

Northern Indiana County Director Lewis reported no activity, but check out the article this quarter in the Notebook for Rachel Cave.

Washington County Director Bell reported no activity.

Greene County Director Everton reported no activity.

Spencer County Director Smith reported no activity.

Dubois & Orange County Director Winner reported no activity.

Martin County Director Schulze reported no activity.

Martin County Director Jarboe is doing fieldwork.

Archivist Report: See the report in the Notebook.

Private Site Webmaster / Database Custodian Report: Dunlap processed 16 forms in various counties. Chris Bell submitted nine new ones in Harrison.

Public Site Webmaster Dick was unable to update the public site and suggested looking into ways to make the site easier to maintain. Bruce will form a committee to work on the new site over the next quarter.

The ICS Notebook is available. A big thanks to Ty Spatta for compiling the articles. Dunlap mentioned several members have paid $20 towards sponsoring the color cover cost. Several more members have committed.

Membership Upgrades: None during this quarter.

No new members this quarter.

Old Business:

Dunlap shared more discussion about potentially re-opening some caves in the State Forest. He mentioned the possibility of Data Sharing in the future. Keith, Ty Spatta, and Ron Adams are keeping discussions ongoing with the Division of Forestry.

New Business:

Dunlap is working on upgrades to the reference table in the database. He is proposing to add six new fields to replace the one existing field to better segregate and organize the reference data. He is also proposing two additional fields to facilitate linking the references to respective documents in the eLibrary. Dave Black made a motion to accept the changes. John Benton seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Florea spoke about Wyandotte Cave being reopened. The DNR is wanting the IGS cartographer to make a more accurate topo overlay map of the cave passages on the DNR property so the map can be displayed in the Visitors Center. Lemasters will look at the draft and provide feedback on the accuracy.

Florea also discussed the ICS/IGS MOU that has not been revised since 2000. Dunlap, Trotter, and Florea will review the MOU and make suggestions at the December meeting.

The next meeting will be held at the Baus House in Bloomington on December 11, 2017 at 7:30PM. Bill always hosts a festive meeting with goodies and cheer. Bring a side dish and enjoy.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.
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