Welcome to the Indiana Speleological Survey

Simply put, our main purpose is to continue exploration and mapping of Binkley and other related caves south of Corydon, Indiana. We strive to include any cavers interested and able to help us; this is not a secret project, but does require careful coordination and organization in order to run smoothly.

Saturday March 28 Binkley Caving

Greetings, cavers!!

This Saturday, there will be two different cave trips, both in the main entrance of the cave. The trip I'm doing is full as far as number of persons who can effectively work, BUT if you'd just like to come along for part of the journey, please let me know. Laura Demarest, Chad Phillips, Gary Roberson (possibly), and I will be surveying one or two crawling side passages in the Sandy Road upper level near the Mountain Room.

Shane Myles and Tim Pride will be taking a trip to Soda Straw Alley (see below).


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