Welcome to the Indiana Speleological Survey

Simply put, our main purpose is to continue exploration and mapping of Binkley and other related caves south of Corydon, Indiana. We strive to include any cavers interested and able to help us; this is not a secret project, but does require careful coordination and organization in order to run smoothly.

Latest Binkley Cave News

Greetings, cavers!

A group of three cavers returned to the Strike Section last Saturday 28 June 2014, penetrating one obstacle which had stopped them on 31 May 2014, but were stopped by yet another very soon afterward. The passage continues beyond, but will require aggressive rock relocation measures to penetrate it further. There is no trip report yet available, but I’m hopeful there will be one soon!

Dye Tracing Project Update

14 June 2014 Binkley Cave Trip Report

Greetings, cavers!


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