Welcome to the Indiana Speleological Survey

Simply put, our main purpose is to continue exploration and mapping of Binkley and other related caves south of Corydon, Indiana. We strive to include any cavers interested and able to help us; this is not a secret project, but does require careful coordination and organization in order to run smoothly.

Binkley Cave Trip Report Update & Other News

Greetings, cavers!

· Laura Demarest has added her account of the side passage she helped survey on the November 15 trip to the McLain River. Here is a link to the report: http://files.hoosiercavers.com/Binkley/Binkley11-15-14.pdf

Other News

November 15 Trip Report News: Binkley Passes Hell Hole for #7 on US Long Cave List

Greetings, cavers! In case you didn’t know by now, on 15 November, nine cavers went to the McLain River, located in the far reaches of the cave, and surveyed enough footage to pass Hell Hole in West Virginia to overtake the number seven spot on the US Long Cave List. Congratulations not only to those cavers, but to EACH of you who has helped in any way with the Binkley Cave project! It truly has been a team effort, which has taken an army.

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