August 2011

August 27-28 Work Weekend Trip Report & Upcoming Activities

Greetings, cavers!!

More than 30 cavers participated in the second annual project weekend, during which (with much effort) the Baelz entrance was reopened; here’s the link to the trip report:

20 Aug Trip Report

Greetings, cavers!!

Four cavers entered Blowing Hole and surveyed over 1000 feet on Saturday, elevating the cave to the 7.0 mile mark. Woo-hoo! Here’s the link to the trip report:

Hitler Baelz

For your entertainment I present a video by Nick Benton:

August 13 Cave Trip Announcement

Greetings, cavers!!

This was one of the extremely rare weekends during the year which there was no trip to the caves south of Corydon, due to Cave Capers being held near Bedford.

We are expecting to visit Blowing Hole to survey this Saturday. Although exact objectives have not yet been determined, it will most likely include surveying in one or more side passage off the upper river. Full wetsuits are typically required. Please let me know if you are considering participating; as always, a final details message will be sent out late in the week to those who intend to go.


Insert Information about Binkley here...



Meetings will be held on a bi-annual basis in June and December. All members will be notified in advance regarding the date, time and location.


The amount shall be determined by the Board. Initial dues for new members will be prorated depending on the time remaining in the calendar year. Thereafter, all dues for all members are due in the month of January, which will be the start of the fiscal year.

Duties of Board Members:


In the middle to late 1960s, a loose-knit group of high school-age cavers started doing a lot of project caving together in southern Indiana. Some of the members lived in that part of the state, while others commuted back and forth from Purdue and other out of state locations after they went off to college or were serving in the military. Although they never applied for charter as an internal organization of the NSS, they did incorporate and register with the State of Indiana for a brief time period in the mid to late 1970s.


Name: The name of the organization shall be the “Indiana Speleological Survey, Inc.”

August 6 Cave Trip Report & Other Stuff

Greetings, cavers!!

Five cavers were re-routed from their plans to go in upstream Blowing Hole by the weather forecast; instead, they went surveying in the Maze area of Binkley Cave this past Saturday; here is a link to the trip report :