December 2011

December 24 Binkley Cave Trip Report & New Year's Eve Activity

Greetings, cavers: I hope each of you had an enjoyable Christmas holiday!!

Last Saturday, we had a very short caving day, securing the Baelz entrance culvert pipes together and taking a very short trip in the cave; here is a link to the trip report:

December 17 Binkley Cave Trip Report & Christmas Eve Activity

Greetings, cavers!!

First, forgive me for earlier forgetting to notify the list that Binkley caver Tray Heinke has contributed two trip reports from his October 29 and November 5 visits; the website documents have been amended to include his excellent accounts:

December 10 Binkley Cave Trip Report & 12-17 Trip

Greetings, cavers!!

We did it! We reached our goal of passing Carlsbad Caverns on the US Long Cave list before Christmas! Thanks to EACH of you who has helped in any way, even by helping on one survey trip since we started in March 2009. Here is a link to the report:

December 3 Trip Report, Dec 10 Trip, & ISS Meeting Reminder

Greetings, cavers!!

Six cavers ascended to the Never Say Never area on Saturday and surveyed nearly 1200 feet of passage, drawing Binkley Cave within less than 600 feet of passing Carlsbad Caverns on the US Long Cave list. Here is a link to the report: