Meetings will be held on a bi-annual basis in June and December. All members will be notified in advance regarding the date, time and location.


The amount shall be determined by the Board. Initial dues for new members will be prorated depending on the time remaining in the calendar year. Thereafter, all dues for all members are due in the month of January, which will be the start of the fiscal year.

Duties of Board Members:

Preside over meetings
Appoint committees and committee leaders
Actively promote the organization of the ISS

Vice President
Perform duties of President in his/her absence
Aid and assist other members of the Board

Handle paperwork and correspondence, including keeping records updated with the NSS and completing their required annual report
Record minutes of meetings
Receive and account for all funds
Pay out funds as directed by the Board of Directors
Maintain a membership roster

Members at Large
Assist and serve in the decisions of the Board
Aid and assist other Board members as needed
Cave Data:

The organization will maintain an active archive of cave-related data including maps, survey notes, studies, and trip reports
Grounds for Membership Termination:
Nonpayment of dues Conduct detrimental to the ISS


May be amended following a favorable 2/3 vote of the members to do so

The organization may be directed to dissolve by a unanimous vote of the members in a meeting called for said purpose. In the event of the dissolution of the organization, and upon termination or dissolution, any surplus of property or assets remaining after all of the debts and obligations have been paid and satisfied, shall not either directly or indirectly inure to the benefit of any private member of the organization or individual, but all such property and assets shall be expended in their entirety, for the Not-for-Profit purposes as set forth in the Indiana code 23-17-22-5.