Binkley Cave News

Greetings, cavers! I hope everyone had a good Christmas holiday!

Recent Trips: there were two trips this past Saturday, December 27. One was a trip by three cavers to the Maze area in the historic section; some new passage was found, with some potential leads, most of which will require vertical assistance (a scaling pole). A trip report will be created and shared later. The other trip that took place was passage improvement in Miller Cave, which I did. Here is a link to the report as it is now; I’ll add material on the other trip after getting it:

Important Trip Planning News: We are still in the process of trying to get adjusted to the fact that I’m not coordinating trips and going caving nearly every Saturday, as I did from 2009-2013. Therefore, I am going to set cavers up on a central e-mail list through Yahoo, which should be used for trip planning and communication. I will be sending additional information out (likely through Yahoo), but if you wish to be added to that e-mail list, PLEASE tell me so I can either send you an invite through Yahoo or add you to the list, which will be

Upcoming Trip: this Saturday January 3, there is a trip planned to relocate the scaling pole and rungs from the room below Scaling Pole Dome in the Millenium section, back to the entrance room so that it can be used for future trips in the Maze area, including the recent discovery. There is also a rope to relocate. There is plenty of work for six to eight cavers; right now it is Pat Burns and me for sure, and others including Brad Barcom may go as well. It will be a reasonably short trip; I’m still ‘nursing’ my left knee. The trip will require crawling a few hundred feet through breakdown and then some fairly easy walking and crawling. This task doesn’t need to be completed during one trip! If you are interested, please contact me; final details will be arranged late in the week.

Other News

· I have put a few dates on the website calendar, including that Joe Kinder wants to do a hearty trip on February 7. I think it is possible there may be a very small group trip on January 10, coordinated by Tim Pride. I may do some Miller passage improvement with Claudia Davis on that day as well, and welcome additional help. Other than that, there are no CONFIRMED upcoming trips or dates at this time. Please stay tuned!

· HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I will bring in the new year playing music with SoulStricken at 37 Junction between Bloomington and Bedford. There is no cover charge; it is a small, non-smoking venue. I have no idea what kind of attendance we’ll have! It could be a busy place; we shall soon see!! Here is a link to the event if you can get to Facebook:!/events/480608385411969/

Reminder: the latest book by Gary Roberson titled “The Longest Year: the Indiana Caverns Development Story” is available now! Here is a link (located on our website) with information on how to obtain a copy:

IMPORTANT: if you have an objective request, please make it known to me! There is no way I can know if I’m not told, and the regulars will continue to come up with objectives without you. I look forward to hearing from you about your wishes