January 24 Binkley Cave Trip Report & Upcoming Date

Greetings, cavers!

Recent Trip

· On January 24th, fourteen cavers showed up to help move the scaling pole from the base of the historic entrance toward the Maze section of the cave. The Crayden’s Dome area was checked pretty thoroughly, and the pole was moved to Surprise Dome, which is essentially the start of the Maze. Here is a link to the trip report: http://files.hoosiercavers.com/Binkley/Binkley1-24-15.pdf. There was also some work done in Manhole by a small crew, which is included in the report.

Important Trip Planning News: If you wish to get the ‘internal’ e-messages, by which ISS members communicate with each other about trip planning, date availability, trip details, and all sorts of other stuff, you will need to be on the Indiana Speleological Survey Yahoo group. If you ALREADY get messages from the indiana-speleo-survey@yahoogroups.com e-mail account, then you are ON that list. That means you can also post to that list, by including the e-mail address indiana-speleo-survey@yahoogroups.com as a recipient of the message. If you do not get messages from that list, or are unsure if you are on it, but want to get those kind of trip planning messages, please contact me.

Upcoming Trip: · Joe Kinder is planning to do a very hearty trip on February 7 to the McLain River and McLain Mountain to take photos and shoot video. I believe he has a full crew, but check with Joe if you wish to be considered. I may be doing a very short trip that day as well, going in the Miller entrance and proceeding to the terminal breakdown of the upstream Miller High Life passage. Please contact me if you may be interested; the trip could involve some passage improvement after we set off a smoke device.

Other News

· Bloomington-Bedford area cavers: SoulStricken will be playing at Bedford Eagles this Saturday night from 9-1. There is no cover charge; it is a private club, but open to the public, and is a smoking venue. Here is a link to the event if you can get to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/599631786814857/. Be sure to come by the stage and get my attention if you come out!!

Reminder: the latest book by Gary Roberson titled “The Longest Year: the Indiana Caverns Development Story” is available now! Here is a link (located on our website) with information on how to obtain a copy: http://files.hoosiercavers.com/Binkley/TheLongestYearFlier.pdf.

IMPORTANT: if you have an objective request, please make it known to me! There is no way I can know if I’m not told, and the regulars will continue to come up with objectives without you. I look forward to hearing from you about your wishes.


Regarding future trips, contact me if you are interested in a particular date (they are posted on the web page) OR would like to request a specific date OR trip destination. Trip objectives and destinations are typically decided close to the trip date due to participants, water levels, other logistics, etc. If you know of other interested persons, please direct them to me or contact me about it.

Project page: http://files.hoosiercavers.com/Binkley/binkley.htm