Recent Trip Reports & March 10 Trip Objectives

Greetings, cavers!

A return trip to the recently-discovered large room in Davidson Cave took place last Saturday; several cavers hauled all sorts of gear in support of a Rand Heazlitt bolt climb to reach a hoped upper level passage. Instead, it was discovered to be a continuation of the large room, revealing approximately twice as much on the other side of the saddle! Currently, nobody has prepared a trip report yet. However, a large crew also went in Binkley Cave to a location expected to be adjacent to the large room; here is a link to the report by Gary Roberson:

On Sunday, Jerry Lewis and others did some critter hunting and collection in Manhole and the Guy Stover entrance room; here is a link to his report:

This Saturday, 10 March, some of us will be going in Carter Brynes Cave (not related to Binkley) to push the currently-known end of the cave. We will also be helping Tim Pride set up his new Frog system, and will bounce Guy Stover entrance pit in order to get him practice. If you’d like to consider joining us, please contact me directly.

A couple of other notes:

1. We’re planning a Revelation Road dig for next Saturday, 17 March.

2. We are thinking about having an ISS meeting soon; could be in late March or mid April. Stay tuned.

IMPORTANT: if you have an objective request, please make it known to me! There is no way I can know if I’m not told, and I guarantee that those of us who are regulars will continue to come up with objectives. I look forward to hearing from you about your wishes.