Subject: June 21 Passage Improvement Trip Report & Upcoming Dates

Greetings, cavers!

Recent Trip Report

· On Sunday June 21, three cavers spent a several hours on passage improvement in Miller Cave; here is a link to the report:

Upcoming Trips/Dates: If anyone is planning a trip, please post it to the Yahoo group, and I will update the website calendar as well.

· June 27: Rand suggested the date, but is looking for trip leaders, objectives, etc. Please contact him if you are interested in going on a trip.

· July 11: tentatively planning to do a cave radio location trip to the McLain River, coordinated by Rand Heazlitt. There may be a much shorter and easier objective trip as well.

· July 25: Rand suggested the date, but is looking for trip leaders, objectives, etc.

· August 15: possible South Branch/Twin Falls area, suggested by Rand Heazlitt. Also, possible raft retrieval trip in the Blowing Hole section, led by Dave Everton.

· August 29: possible trip to Dome One in the Two Mile Hike area, suggested by Rand Heazlitt

Important Trip Planning News: If you wish to get the ‘internal’ e-messages, by which ISS members communicate with each other about trip planning, date availability, trip details, and all sorts of other stuff, you will need to be on the Indiana Speleological Survey Yahoo group. If you ALREADY get messages from the e-mail account, then you are ON that list. That means you can also post to that list, by including the e-mail address as a recipient of the message. If you do not get messages from that list, or are unsure if you are on it, but want to get those kind of trip planning messages, please contact me.

Other News

· I’ve been told that Gary Roberson’s latest book is out and available at Indiana Caverns, but don’t have any of the details yet.

· Webmaster Aaron Valandra has set up a trip report form created by Laura Demarest, which ISS members can fill out after cave trips; here is a link to the form:

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