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Arizona Regional Association Regional Coordinator

There is no Regional Coordinator for the Arizona Regional Association which includes Arizona. If you would like to help please contact the NSS Youth Group Liaison Committe, Chair at

Regional Coordinator Job Description

The Regional Coordinator is a volunteer position of the Youth Group Liaison committee of the National Speleological Society.
The purpose of an NSS Youth Regional Coordinator is to provide informational assistance to cavers, grottos, and youth group leaders so they may conduct safe and appropriate cave-related experiences. In addition to caving trips, these experiences may include presentations on ethics, geology, biology, techniques, and safety, as well as other topics of speleology.
Regional Coordinators themselves do not provide caving related activities for youth groups. However, Regional Coordinators can, as individual cavers or members of another group, provide themselves as guides, speakers, or consultants on caving, caves, and related topics to a youth group.

Primary Responsibilities
1.Assist youth group organization leaders within their NSS Region assistance in finding suitable help with their caving activities.
2.Will provide content for their NSS YGLC RC web page including local commercial caves and caving outfitters as well as contact information for youth group leaders and cavers to reach the Regional Coordinator.
3.Report every quarter on what relevant activities have occurred in their region and list goals and issues as well as their planned and completed solutions.
4.Should encourage all regional grottos to develop and publish on their web site a youth group caving policy.

Additional Responsibilities
1.Create a data base of youth group friendly Grottos, Cavers, commercial caves, caving outfitters, and land owners.
2.Should provide their NSS Regional newsletter with information to promote youth group caving in the region.
3.Should plan to attend Regional BoD meetings to represent youth group caving in the Region.
4.Should plan to attend Regional events and promote youth group caving activities.
5.Should build a database of youth group organization contacts.
6.Is encouraged to enlist the help of others (committee) in their region to help with fulfilling their duties.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements
Should have good communication skills. Should be able to have access to and use email, telephone, and internet to communicate with other cavers and youth group organization leaders. Should respond to all communications in a timely manner.